ACC Football Contributing Writers Wanted

Are You A Writer/Blogger/Parents’-Basement-Dweller? Would You Like to Write For Us?

Hello there! Do you enjoy reading this site? Do you have content you’d like to see more of?

More importantly, would you like to be a contributing writer here? We’re looking for a variety of opinions and experience levels, covering ACC football exclusively. While we’re not necessarily looking for team-specific beats, we’d like to better develop voices for all 14 schools for a more diverse collection of posts and overall content.

Still interested? Feel free to shoot me an email at jcassilloii [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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Why, Hello!

ACC, here we come!

Greetings! And welcome to Atlantic Coast Convos! I’m John, your California-based (via New York) overlord. For the foreseeable future (maybe forever?), I’ll be here writing about ACC football. A little about me:

Originally from Long Island, New York, I graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 and moved out to San Francisco very soon after. Admittedly, I grew up rooting for the Orange(men) and the Big East, but also had a soft spot for Boston College and UNC. Obviously, with SU’s upcoming move to the ACC, allegiances have been altered a bit, and surprisingly, I’ve embraced the change. Hell, I can’t wait to leave the now-rotting, Temple-wooing pile of mediocrity currently known as our home behind. So much so, I’ve started this blog about our future home’s football league (something very few on the internet care about, so I’ve heard).

So what will you get here? Well, a lot about the ACC, for one. And probably more about the Big East (for now) than many of you care to hear about. Worry not, though, if things go as planned, all of that changes by July 1, 2012. If, for some reason, it’s 2014? Well, I’m hopeful we don’t have to face that reality.

In the meantime, welcome! Tell me how much you love the blog. Tell me how much you hate the blog. Tell me what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Offer up your opinions on everything related to the ACC, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and college football as a whole. My co-conspirator, Mike, will be here to talk about all things-Bawstan (and the conference’s current state) soon enough. So, enjoy! You can also find me on Twitter. If this gets popular, I’m sure it’ll have its own handle, too.