Moving On

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It’s been an exciting two-plus years around these parts. A blog that started with the ACC’s move to expand with Syracuse and Pittsburgh continued to grow with the hopes and fears of conference realignment. There was a steep learning curve for me as a Syracuse fan, but this seemed like the best way to go about the transition — writing about a conference that my school wasn’t even part of just yet. It was easy to take a bird’s eye-view of the ACC from afar, while my team finished out its time in the Big East.

This Fall, the time had finally come. We were in the ACC. And I quickly discovered it wasn’t as easy to take that objective viewpoint anymore. Biases are natural, and mine were quickly becoming apparent while covering the league’s 14 teams. It’s not a bad thing. It just hammered home a point that everyone’s sort of known all along: at the end of the day, I’m a Syracuse fan.

To avoid making this long and drawn out and overly introspective, we’re moving on from this location. Or better put — I am moving on from this location, to a place where my egregious use of the “regal we” makes a little more sense. Going forward, I’ll be covering all aspects of the ACC (football, basketball and more) from a Syracuse perspective over at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician. Since I already wrote plenty over there, this isn’t an enormous transition. I’m simply writing more now. From the ACC’s weekly lessons, to previews and predictions, power rankings, et al, you’ll find those posts as part of the larger Syracuse coverage there.

If you’re not an SB Nation commenter already, I’d highly recommend signing up to join the conversation at TNIAAM or any one of the other excellent ACC blogs in the network. And for those looking for my content there, please consult the blog link here.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported this site in any way possible over the past two years. Hopefully you continue to read my increased work over at TNIAAM. Many of you — be it in the comments or on Twitter — have been huge influences on my growth and development as a writer, and for that, I thank you all.



8 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Sorry to see this site go as it was one of the better ACC conference websites. I wish you all the best John and I am glad that I will still be able to read your insights on the TNIAAM site.

    • Thanks! Yup, believe me, my passion for the ACC hasn’t waned at all. From a logistic standpoint, this just makes more sense. You would not believe how taxing (albeit fun) running a site like this can be at times. I don’t regret it, but looking forward to having a bit more freedom writing over at TNIAAM (which I’ve already been doing this entire time anyway), while also getting even more exposure within the great SB Nation network.

  2. Totally understand (believe me!) why you’d hang it up… I’ve thought about it myself. I, too, will miss this site, but look forward to seeing your stuff on TNIAAM. Of course, if you ever want to write anything for ACCFootballRx or ACCBasketballRx, you are most welcome!

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