ACC Football 2013 Heisman Watch: Week 9

Jameis Winston Flies to the Top of the Heisman Watch List After Beating Clemson

FSU’s Jameis Winston Flies to the Top of the Heisman Watch List After Beating Clemson

You’ve heard this before: Florida State’s big win on Saturday shakes up everything we thought we knew about the ACC. And that includes the Heisman race. As long as FSU keeps winning, Jameis Winston is a serious contender and should remain atop this list. Have other nominees? Submit your ballots below.

1. Jameis Winston, QB/Florida State (2,022 total yards, 23 total TD, 3 INT, 71.3% completion) (Last: 2)

No matter the size of the stage, Jameis Winston has risen to the occasion, with his performance against Clemson obviously being the year’s standout game for any player. He’s got at least two or three “Heisman moments” already, the season’s landmark win and he’s piloting a National Championship contender. What more could you ask for out of a quarterback? He’s a Heisman frontrunner now — arguably even more so than the next man on this list ever was.

2. Tajh Boyd, QB/Clemson (2,134 total yards, 21 total TD, 4 INT, 63.1% completion) (Last: 1)

Any Heisman contender can survive one “bad” game, however this was Boyd’s second. Plus, he lost to fellow contender in Winston. Yes, the senior passer has been in the conversation since the year began, but at this point, his time might have run out. Winston’s energy and charisma are infectious and his performance against Boyd’s Tigers was other-worldly. Boyd is still a stellar senior. It’s just unlikely he’s stellar enough to take home this award.

3. Teddy Bridgewater, QB/Louisville (2,257 total yards, 22 TD, 2 INT, 72% completion) (Last: 3)

Like Boyd, Bridgewater’s time as a Heisman contender may have run out, but it shouldn’t take away from the excellent season he’s had for the Cardinals. While his team lost last Friday, it’s to little fault of their quarterback, who still threw for over 300 yards and two scores. At this point, all he can do is continue to help this team win, and hopefully they can work their way back into the BCS conversation. They’ll need some help, but it’s possible.

… and that’s it. No point extending this list past the top three anymore, since that’s really all there is. Obviously discussions can be reopened if/when all these contenders are eliminated and we revert to the Weinke Awards Watch (named for the last ACC Heisman winner, Chris Weinke) instead.

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