Game Day Beer of the Week, Week 7: Tripe Voodoo 8 Tentacles

Week 7′s Game Day Beer of the Week: Triple Voodoo 8 Tentacles

Week 7′s Game Day Beer of the Week: Triple Voodoo 8 Tentacles

Throughout the week, we give you everything you could possibly need to watch ACC football this Saturday, except directions on which beer to share your gameday experience with. Well worry no more, because we now have you covered there, too. Each Friday, we’ll be providing a few beers of choice, highlighted by the featured “Beer of the Week.” Some of these are nationally available, while others might be a bit more California-centric (sorry!), but all should set you on your way to having a highly productive afternoon of watching football.

Game Day Beer of the Week, Week 7: Triple Voodoo 8 Tentacles

I’m going to apologize in advance — you can’t find this beer outside of California. So for those who are not familiar with the San Francisco-based Triple Voodoo Brewing (most of you), consider this an introduction. Since 2010, they’ve been producing some fantastic Belgian-style ales and IPAs that are among the best around — all of which I’m lucky enough to be able to enjoy. This one in particular, 8 Tentacles, is a delicious imperial IPA that goes down smooth but still possess a very full body and flavor to it. Rather than a bite on the back end as you’ll see with a lot of West Coast-style IPAs and DIPAs, this one is crafted with a maltier finish. There’s also the incredible fruit aromas that simply permeate off of it when poured. If you’re out here, or plan to be out here anytime soon, try and find it at a nearby retailer (BevMo in particular always seems to have their selections available in-store).

Other considerations this week:

Golden Road Brewing Burning Bush Smoked IPA

Anchorage Brewing Bitter Monk

Ohana Brewing Surf Shack Akala

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