ACC Football Daily Links — Florida State’s Jameis Winston Rises in the Heisman Trophy Race

Jameis Winston Florida State Football 2013 Seminoles Heisman Trophy Spotlight Contender

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Monday, October 7, 2013

“Famous Jameis” Winston Earns Place in Spotlight (USA Today)

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment it happened for Johnny Manziel, but when he disappeared into a crowd of linemen last year in the first quarter against Alabama and came out the other side as a touchdown-slinging legend, everything changed both for him and us. No longer was he a nice little feel-good story, neatly contained to the world of college football but rather a full-blown phenomenon…

Star-Studded ACC Joins SEC as a Top Powerhouse Conference (Chicago Sun-Times)

And now, we take a break from your regular college football programming to bring you news of a Southern-based conference that’s kicking tail like nobody’s business, unleashing megastars on the masses and pumping out one story after another of national significance. It isn’t the SEC. Well, OK, the SEC still is ruler of all it surveys. Let’s just say it isn’t only the SEC. It’s also the ACC…

Miami Hurricanes Defense Finally Rising to the Occasion (Miami Herald)

When Georgia Tech’s unorthodox flexbone option offense threw a surprise attack at the University of Miami football team, defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio had to tear up a page of his gameplan, scribble a new one and teach it to his players on the fly. UM’s defense, facing its first true test of the season, was cramming on the sideline…

Duke Football: 10 Ways to Get Back to Bowl Game (Duke Report)

As the Duke Football team enjoyed a much needed bye-week, one that hopefully brought recovery and improvement, there are still a number of issues facing the Blue Devils in their goal to reach a second-straight bowl game. Heading into the year, there were some major question marks about the quarterback position, the secondary and the defense in general…

Syracuse Football Fans Performed at an ACC Level Against Clemson But the Orange Did Not (

The only thing missing was a competitive football game. Saturday’s game between Syracuse and Clemson had just about everything else. The Orange made its historic ACC debut, honored one of the program’s greatest ambassadors, welcomed national title and Heisman Trophy contenders and drummed up its biggest crowd in more than a dozen years…

Maryland Football Looks to Move Past Blowout Loss to Florida State (Washington Post)

After the carnage had ended Saturday, the Maryland football players showered, dressed and grabbed their boxed dinners for the road. Some met family members outside the visitor’s locker room at Doak Campbell Stadium and kissed them goodbye. Others walked straight to the bus. Their heads were down and their stares were blank and they were thinking hard about what just happened…

Hokies Play With Their Food, Beat Tar Heels Despite Repugnant Second Half (Gobbler Country)

As I promised earlier, both on Twitter and in the comments of the Game Thread and Casey’s post, I am going to rant about the game the Hokies played earlier today. Bear in mind that this is all relative. As Casey said in his post game recap directly after the game: “I wasn’t thrilled with how the Hokies closed out the game. Lots of lax coverage and sloppy tackling. Could it be exhaustion?…

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