ACC Football Daily Links — Can Virginia Tech’s Defense, Toughness Carry Them All Season?

Logan Thomas Virginia Tech Georgia Tech Thursday Night Hokies 17-10 Yellow Jackets Toughness

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Virginia Tech is Short on Skill, But Long on Toughness (USA Today)

When it’s all over and they count the wins and the BCS bowl appearances and measure the transformation of how an entire university – not just a football program – is viewed, Frank Beamer’s run at Virginia Tech will go down as one of the best overall coaching jobs the sport has ever seen.In the last 18 games, however, this has not looked like the same program…

The Hypocrisy of College Sports Leaders and Pay For Play: Why Minor Leagues Aren’t a Substitute (Frank the Tank’s Slant)

Let me be upfront: I’m an unabashed free market capitalist. I’ve never been bothered by TV contracts, conference realignment, ticket prices, rising salaries for coaches and players, sponsorships and the multitude of other financial issues in pro and college sports that fans generally complain about at face value (but then turn around and feed that money monster by continuing to watch games)…

APU Could Spell Trouble for NCAA (ESPN)

A quiet little revolt took place last Saturday as 28 football players from Georgia, Georgia Tech and Northwestern wrote “APU,” for “All Players United” on their gear last Saturday during their nationally televised games. Asked if anything more drastic than writing “APU” on their gear was contemplated — for example, something that might actually interrupt the games — National College Players Association President Ramogi Huma said. “No”…

Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech Takeaways: Hokies Defense Again Comes Through (Washington Post)

When it was over, and Virginia Tech had held off Georgia Tech for a 17-10 win Thursday night, Coach Frank Beamer seemed more relieved than anything. He talked about the fortitude his Hokies have developed through three razor-thin victories in 12 days. He praised his staff, which had to prepare for the Yellow Jackets on a short week…

Well-Traveled QB Tom Savage Blossoming at PItt (Associated Press)

Tom Savage is used to hearing people rave about his arm strength, to the point where myth has evolved into fact. Asked how far he thinks the well-traveled Pittsburgh senior quarterback can chuck it, freshman wide receiver Tyler Boyd thinks for a second then throws out “80 yards.” Oh, and he was serious…

Demon Deacons Prepared for Tough Test at Clemson (Blogger So Dear)

The 2013 Wake Forest football season at times has resembled a vintage Mike Tyson fight. If the 24-10 loss at Boston College was staggering punch to the gut, the ugly 21-19 home defeat to ULM was a thundering right cross that sent the Old Gold and Black stumbling into its corner and seeing stars…

Finding His Groove, Boyd Reminds Himself “Every Year, We’ve Started a Little Bit Off” (Orange and White)

Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris believes that Tajh Boyd may have been pressing during the first quarter of the season, but that he turned a corner on ‘Play 59’ against N.C. State. Dabo Swinney is confident that his senior quarterback is not only back on track, but will more than live up to “our monstrous expectations.” What does Tajh Boyd think?…

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