ACC Football Daily Links — Have Early SEC Upsets Tilted Balance of Power in Favor of ACC?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Did ACC Tilt Balance of Power? (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

On paper, Week 2 didn’t exactly appear overrun with BCS-altering showdowns. But by the time the final whistle had blown in the Pacific time zone, there were indeed dashed postseason hopes scattered among the wreckage. If Week 1 was the Saturday that the FCS-FBS line officially blurred, then Week 2 was the Saturday that the BCS storylines officially started to take shape…

Raycom Relishes ACC Network Role (WRAL Sports)

At a time when so much sports programming is moving to cable, Raycom Chief Operations Officer Jimmy Rayburn remains bullish about the more traditional brand of televised sports. “I’m an over-the-air guy,” Rayburn says. And he has the numbers to prove it. Raycom’s ACC Network now airs on 90 different stations (including WRAL-TV), at least one-third of which are actually outside the ACC’s geographic footprint…

Is Virginia Tech Defense Poised to Resume Scoring Ways? (Daily Press)

En route to the program’s first top-10 season, Virginia Tech’s defense scored seven touchdowns in 1995, including a 20-yard fumble return by tackle Jim Baron in the Sugar Bowl conquest of Texas. The 1999 Hokies squad that went 11-0 during the regular season to reach the national championship game against Florida State scored six defensive touchdowns, including two each in signature victories over Clemson and Syracuse…

STL Roundtable: Diagnosing the Offense’s Issues (Streaking the Lawn)

It’s two games into the season, and new OC Steve Fairchild is already taking on plenty of criticism for the offense’s performance to date. We all know things are bad…but how would you fix it, fellow Monday Morning QBs? What is the best offensive identity for this team? Paul “Tiki” Guttman: Honestly, I don’t know if there is a fix. The OL isn’t going to suddenly get better…

Football Outlook: Not So Good (Blogger So Dear)

Well I’ll try not to harp on the blatantly obvious in this week’s post, but everyone on here knows Wake got beat up and down the field against a Boston College team which appears to be improved from last season. I was unfortunate enough to be at the game and even though it was perfect weather for football, the experience turned south pretty quickly…

The Biggest Winner So Far of the Drew Allen Experience Is… Greg Paulus? (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Greg Paulus. The name will forever be a punchline for college sports fans across the country. That goes for many Syracuse Orange fans as well. Paulus was our guy for one campaign. He was basically in our lives for five months. It’s been four years since he left SU and yet, given what’s occurring at the moment, what he was able to accomplish in that short time might have been worthy of more praise than it received…

Kicking Off the Connette Era for Duke Football (Duke Chronicle)

When redshirt junior Brandon Connette trotted out onto the field midway through the second quarter Saturday against Memphis, fans and media were left scratching their heads, wondering why he had replaced starter Anthony Boone. When Boone took his pads off and made an early exit to the locker room right before the end of the quarter, Blue Devil fans collectively held their breath…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Have Early SEC Upsets Tilted Balance of Power in Favor of ACC?

  1. IMO, the balance of power began tilting back towards the ACC last year, though some key losses on national TV concealed that fact. Now it’s becoming obvious to everyone that ACC football is on the rebound.

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