ACC Football 2013 Heisman Watch: Week 2

After a Five-Touchdown Effort Against Georgia, Tajh Boyd Can Determine Own Heisman Destiny

After a Five-Touchdown Effort Against Georgia, Tajh Boyd Can Determine His Heisman Destiny

After the ACC‘s banner weekend, the conference finds itself with several actual contenders for the Heisman Trophy. We’ve only played one game of course, but sometimes the early leaders simply grab that momentum and run with it (and plenty of other times, they don’t). So long as conference teams keep winning though, these top players should remain in the conversation. Have other nominees? Submit your ballots below.

1. Tajh Boyd, QB/Clemson (312 total yards, five total TD, 0 INT, 60% completion)

Boyd did everything that was expected of him against Georgia, and the result was what could be a season-defining win en route to many more. Against a tough Bulldogs defense, the senior was poised and smart with the football, knowing when to tuck it and run, while also feeling free to throw it deep at will. He’s proven himself to be one of the nation’s best quarterbacks and vital to his team’s success — both key characteristics to remaining atop both these conference-specific rankings and the national ones as well.

2. Teddy Bridgewater, QB/Louisville (355 passing yards, five TD, 1 INT, 82.1% completion)

We’ve discussed the odds Bridgewater’s up against this season: Perfection. But so far, so good in terms of meeting that requirement. The junior passer carved through Ohio‘s secondary with wanton disregard for any- and everything in his path, even hanging around ’till much later in the game than required in order to continue his/Louisville’s assault on style points. That’s what it’s going to take, sadly, though this entire team appears up to the challenge.

3. Jameis Winston, QB/Florida State (381 total yards, five total TD, 0 INT, 92.6% completion)

In his first career game, Winston beat hype, Pitt and just about everything else in an absolutely flawless performance. Now, folks will be curious about what he does for an encore. It’s unrealistic to project what he did last week on every other opponent, but also be unrealistic to think he’ll fail to do so? He has the weapons and the schedule to mount a true Heisman campaign. Now we just need to wait a few weeks and see if it holds once teams have some game tape on him.

4. Duke Johnson, RB/Miami (224 total yards, one TD)

This type of game is exactly what Miami needed from Johnson in his first real action as the team’s number-one running back. In just 20 touches, he came close to half of the team’s total offensive output, and helped make up for an overall lack of passing success too, to lead the ‘Canes to victory. The hope is that Johnson won’t have to carry the freight all by himself this season (and given the rest of the offensive talent, that should not be the case at all), but it’s also encouraging to see he’s fully capable of doing so when called upon.

5. C.J. Brown, QB/Maryland (386 total yards, five total TD, 0 INT, 87% completion)

Maybe Brown is the player Maryland bloggers should’ve been writing about all offseason? After about 20 months of not playing in a game, the Terp quarterback came out on fire this season, showing off his true danger as a dual-threat. The 101 rushing yards might’ve been expected — especially given the state of the backfield otherwise — but the 281 passing yards solidify him as a versatile playmaker who can take advantage of the weapons he has at receiver. Maryland’s easier slate, especially at the beginning, should allow Brown to stick around these rankings for awhile at least.

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    • Since they’re both on the list, doesn’t much matter, does it? We’ve been covering Louisville seen last November’s announcement and not about to adjust that now. Doesn’t matter if he’s going to play a game in the ACC or not.

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