ACC Football Daily Links — Recent Louisville Athletic Boom Rooted in ESPN Partnership

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At Louisville, Athletic Boom is Rooted in ESPN Partnership (The New York Times)

In February, the president of the University of Louisville, James R. Ramsey, traveled to Florida to meet with donors and alumni. Dr. Ramsey is an economist, and he led off on the dismal side of the ledger, from the challenges facing the economy to dwindling government financing for higher education, including a sharp drop in aid from the State of Kentucky…

Familiar Stakes in Clemson-Georgia Revival (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Scour the locker rooms at Georgia and Clemson and it might be difficult to find a player who knows much about their historic rivalry. “You know me, I don’t know much about Georgia’s history from before I got here,” Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray chuckled in one such response about the longtime rivalry between schools separated by only about 70 miles…

What Are Expectations for 2013? (Shakin’ the Southland)

We stated after last season ended that the expectations would be higher for this Clemson team. If they truly have taken another step and elevated the program to where it once was, then this season will show it. They’ll have to beat UGA, FSU, and SC along with handling the rest of the schedule. We had basically one year where we didn’t go bipolar and lose to someone like Maryland, and that has to continue to be the case…

Duke Football: It’s Anthony Boone’s Time to Shine (News & Observer)

David Cutcliffe has an undisputed eye for quarterbacks, as eight of his 10 starters as a college coordinator or head coach reached the NFL. Now his 11th, Anthony Boone, is ready to take over at Duke. Cutcliffe’s recipe for developing pro-caliber quarterbacks is deceptively simple. It begins in recruiting, where he and offensive coordinator Kurt Roper look for one trait above all else…

Coaching Patience (Cavalier Daily)

Mike London’s reception at the 2013 ACC Football Kickoff in Greensboro, N.C. by the assembled media could best be likened to an indignant middle school student being viciously questioned simultaneously by his teacher, principal and superintendent for a crime he could hardly comprehend…

Steve Addazio Brings Era of Change to BC (Boston Globe)

When Steve Addazio took over at Boston College, his makeover of the football program did not exclude his own office space. It, too, was subject to the myriad changes the Eagles mentor has implemented since his hiring Dec. 4, 2012. Addazio had his desk and large hutch moved from the more expansive part of the football office to a smaller adjacent space that previously was used as a meeting room…

Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer Had Life-Changing Experiences in Ghetto, on Indian Reservation (

The story behind Scott Shafer’s success that you likely haven’t heard begins with a phone call made on a landline in the early 1990s. It was placed by Scott Shafer, a young, fiery former college quarterback who knew his future rested in coaching. On the other end of the line was Bill Mallory, head football coach at Indiana and the man that wound up giving Shafer his first job…

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