Atlantic Coast Convos 2013 Preseason Top 25

Without Chip Kelly, Does Oregon Still Have a Shot at a National Title?

Without Chip Kelly, Do the Oregon Ducks Still Have a Shot at a National Title This Fall?

It’s almost here! The 2013 college football season is just a few short weeks away, so it’s now socially acceptable to rank teams based on nothing prior to the games starting. Yes, we’ve all been doing this for the entire offeseason, but it feels more “real” now, doesn’t it? The fact that I can clearly see my Labor Day weekend being the wall-to-wall college football marathon I very much want it to be simply warms my heart. I’m sure it warms yours as well.

Completely disagree with the way in which these teams are ordered? Believe that you’re better at ranking teams that have yet to play a game? Share your thoughts/gripes/manifestos in the comments.

Atlantic Coast Convos 2013 Top 25 (August 12)

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (Last: 1)

2. Stanford Cardinal (Last: 2)

3. Oregon Ducks (Last: 4)

4. Texas A&M Aggies (Last: 3)

5. Georgia Bulldogs (Last: 5)

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (Last: 6)

7. South Carolina Gamecocks (Last: 7)

8. Clemson Tigers (Last: 8)

9. Louisville Cardinals (Last: 9)

10. Florida Gators (Last: 10)

11. Boise State Broncos (Last: 11)

12. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Last: 13)

13. Florida State Seminoles (Last: 17)

14. Texas Longhorns (Last: 12)

15. LSU Tigers (Last: 16)

16. TCU Horned Frogs (Last: 14)

17. Oregon State Beavers (Last: 15)

18. UCLA Bruins (Last: 18)

19. Michigan Wolverines (Last: 19)

20. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Last: 20)

21. Northwestern Wildcats (Last: 21)

22. Michigan State Spartans (Last: 22)

23. Miami Hurricanes (Last: 25)

24. Fresno State Bulldogs (Last: 23)

25. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Last: NR)

Next Five: Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, USC, Ole Miss

Per conference: SEC (6), Big Ten (5), Pac-12 (4), ACC (3), Big 12 (3), MWC (2), American (1), Independent (1)

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Convos 2013 Preseason Top 25

  1. Nice article!
    First of all, I may be biased, but I think Virginia Tech has too good a defense to be not ranked inside the top 30. I guess we will find out August 31.
    What is your reasoning for putting Stanford at #2? Just my opinion, but I don’t think their roster is as loaded as Ohio State’s, Oregon’s, or even Georgia’s.
    Also, Boise State #11??? I haven’t heard too much about the Broncos, but are they really better than Texas, Florida State, LSU, etc.?
    One final question just for kicks and giggles: How many teams from the ACC do you think will be ranked by bowl season? Three? Four? Or even just FSU and Clemson?
    Thanks for writing!
    Also, check out my sports blog :). Really looking for some exposure.

    • Really like Tech’s defense, but just like last year, what about the offense? Can’t sell me on them if they can’t score. Still think they win at least seven or eight games, though.

      Stanford has one of the country’s top five defenses and I’d contend a more measurable offense than Oregon. With the coaching change for the Ducks, I don’t think there will be a drop-off. But the Cardinal won that matchup last season. If they do so again (and I think they will), that’s a sure-fire way to be ranked #2. Also think Ohio State’s current talent level (not potential — which will be very high come next season and thereafter) is not up to snuff with the other teams in that top five range.

      Boise’s at 11 because I don’t see them suffering a loss all season. I don’t necessarily think they’re better than FSU, LSU or that group of Big 12 teams. Just picturing where they’ll sit due to their strong team (they’re top 20, IMO) and easy slate. Same as Louisville, really.

      I believe the ACC can get four teams ranked by year’s end, but it’ll be a stretch. FSU and Clemson are givens, but if UNC and Miami can both play to their potential (nine or 10 wins), that seems like a great way for both to be ranked as well.

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