ACC Football Daily Links — Like it Or Not, ACC is Now Firmly Planted in New York City

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Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Used to the ACC in New York (Daily Progress)

From down here in the Southland, Tuesday’s Pinstripe Bowl press conference in the Bronx, featuring the ACC and the New York Yankees seemed so surreal that the only thing missing was the cast from Seinfeld. Wouldn’t it have been a great episode if the Yankees had re-hired George Costanza and appointed him executive director of the Pinstripe Bowl?…

Big Ten/ACC Pitching Challenge: Grading Jim Delany and John Swofford’s First Pitches at Yankee Stadium (SB Nation)

It’s official: the Big Ten and ACC will meet in the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium, a six-year deal beginning in 2014. As a New Yorker and a B1G football fan, this gives me great pleasure, as there’s a 1-in-14 chance every year that I’ll be able to take a subway to another subway to watch my football team in extremely unpleasant weather conditions, rather than having to pony up for a plane ticket somewhere…

Opinion: Paul Chryst Made the Right Call on Rushel Shell (Cardiac Hill)

The Rushel Shell saga was certainly one of the more strange things you will see happen in college football. Shell was a top five running back in the country, and saw past the offers from Alabama and Ohio State to stay home for his infant twin daughters. It certainly was a noble decision on his part, and nobody blamed him for that. Although Pitt is not a top tier program, they have been able to churn out great running backs…

ACC Recruiting Scorecard (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

There has been a flurry of activity on the recruiting trail over the past few months, so this is a good time to compile our first ACC recruiting scorecard. Below you will find each team in the ACC, including Pitt and Syracuse, along with their number of commitments and most recent news. There are still over seven months to go before signing day in February, but this is a good first look at where everybody stands…

Rob Moore Offers Explanation For Syracuse Football’s Struggles Recruiting Elite Prospects in New York (

Much of Rob Moore’s recruiting focus falls on New York City, where he’s responsible for sections 1 and 9 in the five boroughs and Long Island. So who better to dissect Syracuse’s recent struggles in hauling in elite talent from the area? The name to watch in 2014 is Lincoln High School (Brooklyn) defensive tackle Thomas Holley, a four-star prospect with scholarship offers from almost every major program in the country…

SU Football: Virginia Tech-nically Syracuse’s Rival? (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

July 1, 2013. The day everything changes. The day Syracuse University athletics will officially become a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. A new beginning. Actually, Monday will probably come and go without anyone really noticing anything different. In fact, the move to the ACC may not register until October or even November. Not until SU lines up with Clemson at the Dome or kicks off against the Wolf Pack in North Carolina…

Boston College vs. Clemson Travel Guide (BC Interruption)

First time in South Carolina? No worries. BC Interruption has got you covered to make your trip for the BC-Clemson enjoyable… Touristy Things To See For First-Timers: When traveling to Clemson you won’t be flying into Clemson International so its much more likely you will be flying into Charlotte or Atlanta. Thinking of catching an NFL game on Sunday after watching BC play?…

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