ACC Football Daily Links — Ranking the ACC’s College Football Stadiums

Clemson Tigers Football Memorial Stadium best Stadium in ACC Dabo Swinney 2013

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ranking the ACC’s College Football Stadiums (Athlon Sports)

Fall Saturdays are special. Small towns, huge crowds, tailgating, bands, cheerleaders and student sections are just a few of the reasons college football is the best sport on the planet. When campuses jump to life across the nation each weekend in the fall, college stadiums become a staging ground for history. There are a variety of ways to evaluate the greatness of a stadium…

F/+ in the ACC: Will an Elite Program Please Stand Up? (Football Study Hall)

One last stop on this tour of F/+ ratings in each of the major conferences: the ACC. Last time, I took you through the Big 12. A brief review: The better a team’s offense is, the further “north” they are on the chart. The better a team’s defense is, the further “east” you want to be. The best teams reside in the NE corner. The gray lines on the chart are percentile rankings for offense and defense…

Realign ACC Football Divisions to Create More Marquee Matchups (Daily Press)

No matter how many times I ask, the answer never changes. No, the ACC is not considering divisional realignment in football. No, despite considerable fan and media buzz, the issue is a non-starter among decision makers. Most recently, I asked commissioner John Swofford last month and the athletic directors from Virginia Tech and Virginia, Jim Weaver and Craig Littlepage, this week…

An Admittedly Impractical Suggestion for Solving the ACC’s Football Scheduling Problem (Virginian-Pilot)

The ACC has a scheduling problem. Don’t feel bad. So do the SEC and Big Ten. This is what conference expansion has wrought. While good for the league’s coffers, it is a pain in the you-know-what for schedule-makers. Twelve teams was manageable. Sixteen would have made for good symmetry. But 14, where it seems most of the big conferences will be stuck for at least this term of TV contracts, is incredibly awkward…

Saturday, 6 p.m.: Heat Update; SI Preparing UM/NCAA Expose; Shapiro Makes Another Allegation (Miami Herald)

With the University of Miami just days away from its hearing in front of NCAA’s infractions committee, two sources confirmed to The Miami Herald that Sports Illustrated is in the final stages of writing an expose about the NCAA and its investigation into the school’s athletics program, including not-previously-published allegations from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro…

Greg Dent Charged With Sexual Assault: FSU Receiver to Be Suspended Indefinitely (Tomahawk Nation)

Florida State senior wide receiver Greg Dent was arrested Sunday on a charge of sexual assault under Florida Statute 794.011 (5). The statute reads: A person who commits sexual battery upon a person 12 years of age or older, without that person’s consent, and in the process thereof does not use physical force and violence likely to cause serious personal injury commits a felony of the second degree…

Former UNC African American Studies Chairman Had Close Ties to Athletic Counselors (News & Observer)

Julius Nyang’oro, the former UNC African studies chairman at the heart of an academic fraud scandal, had a cozy relationship with the program that tutored athletes, according to newly released emails. Members of the academic support staff offered Nyang’oro football tickets and the chance to watch a game from the sidelines…


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