Early 2013 ACC Football Betting Lines

"Clean, Old Fashioned Hate" is One of 48 ACC Matchups With Current Betting Odds in Vegas

“Clean, Old Fashioned Hate” is One of 48 ACC Matchups With Current Betting Odds in Vegas

While I’m not endorsing gambling (unless you’re in Las Vegas, then go right ahead), it’s always a great sign that college football’s right around the corner when you can start betting on games. To that end, Golden Nugget’s sports books have published lines for almost 250 games this fall — 48 of which are involving ACC squads. The full list of ACC games, which I’ve included below, are gleaned from the list provided by Don Best via SB Nation.

Week One

North Carolina at South Carolina (-12)

Penn State at Syracuse (+6.5) (at East Rutherford, NJ)

BYU at Virginia (+3.5)

Alabama at Virginia Tech (+17) (at Atlanta)

Georgia at Clemson (+3.5)

Florida State at Pittsburgh (+13)

Week Two

Syracuse at Northwestern (-13)

Oregon at Virginia (+21)

Florida at Miami (+2.5)

Week Three

Boston College at USC (-21.5)

Nevada at Florida State (-26)

Louisville at Kentucky (+14)

Week Four

Clemson at NC State (+11)

North Carolina at Georgia Tech (-4.5)

West Virginia at Maryland (+2)

Week Five

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech (+1)

Miami at South Florida (+10)

Florida State at Boston College (+17)

Wake Forest at Clemson (-21)

Week Six

Clemson at Syracuse (+8)

Louisville at Temple (+17)

North Carolina at Virginia Tech (-6.5)

Georgia Tech at Miami (-7)

Week Seven

Rutgers at Louisville (-10)

Boston College at Clemson (-22)

Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech (-13.5)

Week Eight

Miami at North Carolina (Pick)

Central Florida at Louisville (-11)

Florida State at Clemson (-2)

Week Nine

NC State at Florida State (-20)

Louisville at South Florida (+13)

Week 10

Miami at Florida State (-8)

North Carolina at NC State (+2.5)

Clemson at Virginia (+13.5)

Week 11

Louisville at Connecticut (+10.5)

Notre Dame at Pittsburgh (+10.5)

Virginia Tech at Miami (-3.5)

Week 12

Georgia Tech at Clemson (-9)

Syracuse at Florida State (-16)

Houston at Louisville (-17)

Week 13

Memphis at Louisville (-24)

Virginia at Miami (-15)

Week 14

Miami at Pittsburgh (+7)

Florida State at Florida (-2)

Georgia at Georgia Tech (+9)

Virginia Tech at Virginia (+10)

Clemson at South Carolina (-4.5)

Week 15

Louisville at Cincinnati (+3)


Some additional thoughts:

  • Vegas loves Miami, naming them favorites in all but two games above, and seeing them to be awfully close to both Florida State and Florida. As you know, in the ACC, that means run away from picking the ‘Canes.
  • There’s little interest in Maryland, with just one game involving the Terps (and a close one at that, with WVU).
  • The odds don’t seem to portray Clemson as a top-10 squad, especially against Syracuse, who they’re only giving eight points to at the Carrier Dome.
  • Playing in a diluted American Athletic Conference, Louisville’s a pretty heavy favorite in just about every contest.
  • The layout of this schedule does speak to some of the problems the ACC faces. The more compelling matchups are all early in the season, with the league taking a backseat as November hits. Many of the later games feature heavy home favorites and that makes for non-compelling television.
  • Based on a quick look at these odds, it would seem — as most have predicted — that Clemson and FSU are the favorites in the Atlantic, while North Carolina and Miami are the favorites in the Coastal. These numbers also seem to like Virginia Tech, which may be based more on past results than this season’s.

What do you think? Any lines you’re surprised about? If you were picking these games (at a legal sports book!), are there any that stick out to you?

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