Atlantic Coast Convos Too-Early 2013 Top 25 (June 5)

Without Everett Golson Under Center, the Irish Suddenly Look Shaky on Offense

Without Everett Golson Under Center, the Irish Suddenly Look Very Shaky on Offense

We’re inching closer and closer to the start of college football season, if you didn’t realize. Of course, the calendar still says 74 days left until kickoff, but the fact that it’s June means preview magazines are coming out, summer practices are right around the corner and we can all start speaking in baseless conjecture again. As always when you’re basing rankings on nothing but how a team “looks” to you, things have changed from last month’s poll, as you’ll notice below. Completely disagree? Believe that you’re better at ranking teams that have yet to play a game (and are over two months away from doing so)? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Atlantic Coast Convos 2013 Top 25 (June 5)

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (Last: 1)

2. Stanford Cardinal (Last: 2)

3. Texas A&M Aggies (Last: 3)

4. Oregon Ducks (Last: 5)

5. Georgia Bulldogs (Last: 6)

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (Last: 4)

7. South Carolina Gamecocks (Last: 7)

8. Clemson Tigers (Last: 8)

9. Louisville Cardinals (Last: 9)

10. Florida Gators (Last: 11)

11. Boise State Broncos (Last: 12)

12. Texas Longhorns (Last: 10)

13. Oregon State Beavers (Last: 13)

14. LSU Tigers (Last: 14)

15. TCU Horned Frogs (Last: 16)

16. UCLA Bruins (Last: 19)

17. Florida State Seminoles (Last: 18)

18. Michigan Wolverines (Last: 17)

19. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Last: 20)

20. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Last: 15)

21. Northwestern Wildcats (Last: 21)

22. Michigan State Spartans (Last: 25)

23. Vanderbilt Commodores (Last: 22)

24. Ole Miss Rebels (Last: 24)

25. Fresno State Bulldogs (Last: NR)

Next Five: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Miami, Oklahoma

Per conference: SEC (8), Pac-12 (4), Big Ten (4), Big 12 (3), ACC (2), MWC (2), American (1), Independent (1)

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6 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Convos Too-Early 2013 Top 25 (June 5)

    • The more I thought about it, I just felt that while the Buckeyes may end up going 11-1 or 12-0, I didn’t buy into them as much as I do the five teams in front of them. I think all of those teams play slightly tougher schedules, and are more talented squads overall. Ohio State’s still the top team in the Big Ten, and will be in the NCG conversation. Just don’t see them on the same level as those other teams.

  1. You know looking at this list, it has occurred to me that we need a rule in college football that basically declares the 1st college ranking to be the same as the last college rankings that are released after the bowl season is over. Why punish a team before a game is ever played? If the departed players really were all the important pieces of the team, well see that in the results of the first two games. Thwn the rankings can come out.

    • That appeared to be the theory guiding when the BCS Rankings are released — but since those are also based off of human polls which come out in preseason, it’s pointless.

      In an ideal world, they’d wait till week two or three, but there’s no way people wouldn’t fill out preseason polls for their own reference anyway.

  2. I realize this comment is completely unrelated to this post, but it touches on an observation I’ve made with regards to the B1G and that is that many within the B1G are some pretty smug asses who would give the IVY league schools a run for their money if a contest on arrogance were ever created.

    Now a lot has been made about how great the B1G schools are in research and academic standing and these two observations are true, but everyone and I mean almost everyone is blowing the B1G’s CIC out of proportion.

    Did you know that the CIC does not distribute any funds? Did you know that it plays no part in winning research grants? Don’t believe me? Here is a link to a Michigan Blog that discusses these topics:

    Look, the CIC does offer some advantages, but don’t believe for a moment ACC fans that it is nothing more than a prestigious club with some side benefits. Thats great but if it isn’t assisting with getting research grants nor distributing research grants, then so what?

    • Smart. And yeah, I’ve never been one to believe the Big Ten CIC is the end-all be-all of academic consortiums — especially given this information. It’s not a trump card for the league. No one cares which conference your school was in when you’re looking for a job post-grad. If it fails to add a dollar amount, it’s not much of a factor at all, really.

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