ACC Football Daily Links — ACC, Eyeing Cable Network, Prepared to Pay Raycom For Third-Tier Rights

ACC Network Channel Media Rights Deal Raycom Buy Back Third-Tier ESPN Fox

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ACC Network Still in Early Stages… What’s Next? (CBS Sports)

Burke Magnus remembers the SEC and ESPN first discussing a 24-hour channel back in 2010. The channel is officially launching in August 2014. ESPN’s senior vice president of college sports programming brings up this point when discussing a potential ACC Network because, well, if this happens, it’s going to be awhile. Think 2016 or 2017. ESPN has not gone beyond “initial conversations” with the ACC on the channel concept, Magnus said…

ACC Football Schedule Rotation a Reminder of Expansion’s Price (Daily Press)

ACC fans knew this was coming. They knew in October that the conference had scrapped plans to adopt a nine-game league football schedule, and they knew the cost of that reversal. Yet when the ACC released the 2014-24 interdivision rotation Tuesday afternoon, many were outraged that attractive matchups such as Virginia Tech-Florida State will be staged only twice every 12 years. Talk about short-term memory lapse…

The New England “Brain Drain” and Impact on Boston College Athletics (BC Interruption)

A new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that recent college graduates leave New England at a faster rate than any region of the country. A year after graduation, only 63.7 percent of 2008 graduates of New England schools were still living in the region. In comparison, 88 percent of college grads in the West, 82.7 percent in the Middle Atlantic and 79 percent in the South Atlantic stayed in the area for at least a year after earning a degree…

Chat Time: The ACC’s History and Post-Realignment Future (SB Nation)

Martin: Hey, Mark, it’s that time again. Time to talk about the ACC and things that go along with the ACC, like friends and sports. It’s still May, which means things are a bit quiet aside from baseball, but what stands out to you right now in the old conference world? Mark: It’s funny you ask that because, eventually, SB Nation will have a site devoted solely to the ACC, and in order to prepare, I’ve been doing a little reading…

Miami Hurricanes Schedule Preview — Gators v. Hurricanes — a Farewell (State of the U)

Already circled on many of the pundits Top 10 non-conference games of the year, the Gators and Canes meet for what could be the last time in a very long time on September 7 at Sun Life Stadium. A Bitter History: The Gators and Canes, the two oldest major football program in the history of the state, will be looking to get the last laugh, barring a bowl meeting sometime down the road…

N.C. State’s New Web Series “Dare Coach D” Opens Up a World of Possibilities (Dr. Saturday)

Dave Doeren must get bored in the offseason. Last season with Northern Illinois, the school started a series called “Doeren Discovers” where the coach went around the Chicago area doing random things like singing at Wrigley Field and skydiving and documenting it for Northern Illinois. Well, this year, Doeren, the new N.C. State coach, is doing something similar in Raleigh with “Dare Coach D”…

More Takeaways a Next Step for Clemson Football (Orange and White)

88 days to kickoff of Clemson-Georgia, let’s look at some fun with football statistics… Coaching Search has done a number of college football pieces that paint the picture of where the Tigers stand nationally and among the ACC. Clemson had the top red zone scoring offense in the country last year (95 percent), but it doesn’t appear in the upper rung over the last three years in their study due to lean years in 2010 and 2011…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — ACC, Eyeing Cable Network, Prepared to Pay Raycom For Third-Tier Rights

  1. Like I keep saying to all the chicken littles out there who keep declaring that the “ACC will never get a cable channel”, seriously? What, you think we sign a GoR and then snap our fingers and walla, an ACC cable channel magically appears? Come on man. What the CBS article reiterates to me is that Swofford is on the job and we, the ACC, are steadily marching towards that goal. i.e., “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!” While the conference is still studying the channel possibilities with ESPN, nothing says they can’t market the ACC via the ACC digital network and build up the brand. Now if some of the ACC football teams can work their way into the College Football Playoffs in a consistent manner, that would really help.

    Great job as always John on the blog posts.

    • Also forgot, “Win that lawsuit against UMD” and apply those funds into an account labeled “T3 Buy Back Program”. That is all. #goacc!

      • Thanks!

        And agreed. It’s weird to see people going on and on about the third-tier rights, before we even hear what the conference’s plans are. If they want those rights back, they’ll get them, and I believe the Maryland lawsuit is key to that. This article shows the ACC’s not afraid to spend some money and I fully expect a network to be ready to go by 2016. In the meantime, as you point out, we’ve got the ACCDN firing on all cylinders, and that can continue in the lead-up to the ACC cable network.

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