ACC Football Daily Links — Breaking Down the Complications Around the Maryland/ACC Conference Exit Fee Lawsuit

Maryland Terrapins Big Ten Expansion Realignment ACC Lawsuit $52 Million Exit Fee

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Struggles Over Bylaws, Jurisdiction Complicate Highest-Ever Conference Exit Fee Lawsuits (The Diamondback)

It was hardly an unfamiliar story — in November, another school decided to switch athletic conferences for more money and security. Nothing unprecedented. But the stakes were different. University President Wallace Loh’s November announcement that the Terps would join the Big Ten in 2014 rattled the ACC…

Hurricanes Player Profiles: A Closer Look at the Freak, Duke Johnson (State of the U)

Miami’s own Duke Johnson had the opportunity to play anywhere else in the country, and the NCAA gave him a very good reason to do just that. The Miami Norland running back gave all the usual reasons like staying close to family for his verbal commitment to Miami; but in an age when “playing close to home” means going to school anywhere from 500- 1500 miles away, things seemed too good to be true…

Antonio, Creator of Clemson’s Paw Logo, Dies (Greenville News)

John Antonio just wanted to give Clemson’s coaches something different. He gave them something iconic. Antonio, who designed Clemson’s beloved Tiger Paw logo in 1970, died May 23 after a long bout with cancer, according to a Clemson news release. Antonio was 83. Before moving to Greenville to work at Henderson Advertising in the late 1960s, Antonio worked for the Leon Burnett agency in Chicago…

What Does Jerome Smith’s Retroactive Medical Redshirt Mean For His SU Legacy? (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Maybe I just missed this because I’ve been off in my magical, organic, coffee-drinking, GMO-hating, outdoors-lifestyle-havin’ Pacific Northwest dreamworld, but apparently Jerome Smith has been granted a retroactive medical redshirt for his injury-shortened freshman season, per The DO. That means the would-be senior is now a redshirt junior. That also means Smith now has two more full seasons playing RB…

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson Confident About ACC Network (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson feels confident about the future possibility of the ACC Network. “I think that it’s probably going to happen. It’s just a question of when,” Johnson told the AJC. If you’re a BCS conference, you’re not cool unless you have your own TV channel. The SEC and ESPN announced the SEC Network last month, following in the footsteps of the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences…

With Addition of Ben Boulware, Korie Rogers, Chris Register, Tiger DC Shows His Hand (Orange and White)

Reading between the lines, it’s not too difficult to see the direction Brent Venables is going in building his linebacking corps. Kellen Jones, Ben Boulware, Korie Rogers and now Chris Register – the linebackers recruited to Clemson on Venables’ watch – all share certain unmistakable qualities. They’re tough, hard-nosed, ball-hawking headhunters, physically gifted and well ahead of the game in developing as high-percentage, wrap-up tacklers…

Arkansas and Florida State Coaches Trade Jabs Over Twitter (Athlon Sports)

Bret Bielema is one of the most active college football coaches on Twitter, and the newly-appointed Arkansas coach isn’t afraid to back down from anyone on social media. Whether it’s opposing fans or coaches, Bielema has provided plenty of memorable tweets this offseason. The first-year Arkansas coach continued to provide college football fans with offseason entertainment by trading jabs with Florida State assistant Tim Brewster…

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5 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Breaking Down the Complications Around the Maryland/ACC Conference Exit Fee Lawsuit

  1. Man, I hope they can resolve this Maryland vs. ACC lawsuit before football season! While I would like to see the ACC stick it to the Terps for abandoning the gang, if it ends up being just $21 million I’m fine with that (and I don’t see any way it’s less than that).

    • Eh, doesn’t bother me how long this plays out. With the GOR in place, it no longer hurts the ACC at all. Might as well take all the money they can from Maryland. Especially if they’re going to try to claim the ACC’s hurting their bottom line (they did that to themselves).

    • I don’t care how long it takes, so long as we squeeze as much $$ out of that school as possible and use the proceeds to buy back our T3 rights from Raycom. Time to get the ACC Channel up and running.

  2. Comeon we are still in the ACC for another year. Not even a helmet at the bottom of the page??
    Don’t forget MANY MD fans do not want any part of the big10. We know it will suck there. We think the admin of the school is wrong for the move and the manner and the numbers behind it. Today’s Post articles confirm that in many ways. I hope the ACC sticks it to Loh and Anderson so we can get rid of them and withdraw from the big mistake we will make next year. Would the ACC even take us back?

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