50 Twitter Accounts Every ACC Fan Should Follow

We Provide Readers With the 50 Essential Twitter Accounts for Every ACC Fan

We Provide Readers With the 50 Essential Twitter Accounts for Every ACC Fan

After reading Athlon’s “50 Twitter Accounts Every College Football Fan Should Follow” last week, two things occurred to me:

1. There’s a supreme lack of ACC representation on that list

2. How could you put a list like that together without including the smart, humorous stylings of the ACC’s very self-aware writers/bloggers? (you can’t)

To make up for it, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of the 50 Twitter accounts every ACC fan should go ahead and follow. While there’s certainly a football focus here, I’ve tried to make sure the list covers all things ACC as well. Note the handles are listed in alphabetical order — there’s no ranking required when you have such a great group of personalities to choose from.


@accfootballnews: The Chatham Journal’s ACC football feed is an endless supply of links, for those with time on their hands and a craving for news on the country’s most-criticized major conference. You’ll also find important notes like this one, too:

@ACCSports: ACC Sports Journal’s Jim Young gives an entertaining and honest take on the daily happenings around the ACC, with as little bias as possible and a ton of social media savvy. He’ll also live-tweet Anchorman if given the chance.

@AJonesFoxSports: Andrew Jones covers the ACC for Fox Sports, and while focus starts with the North Carolina teams, it typically goes much further than that as well. You’ll typically find him tweeting live accounts of games, while adding some much-needed commentary when baseball contests go on for hours longer than necessary.

@akulawolf: Steven Muma’s the editor of SB Nation’s NC State site Backing the Pack, which is apparent from the heavy emphasis on Wolfpack tweets in his feed. But beyond that, he’s a glimpse into the psyche of virtually every ACC fan during important events.

@AnsonWhaley: The editor of SB Nation’s Pitt blog, Cardiac Hill, manages to keep his cool despite the trials and tribulations of being a Panthers fan. He also brought up this item of great concern the other day:

@BCHysteria: A.J. Black of BC Interruption talks BC football and little else on Twitter — and that’s not a bad thing. His realistic point of view, and at times masochistic take on the team is always good for a laugh, as are his random observations like this one:

@BCInterruption: The handle for SB Nation’s Boston College site is manned by editor Brian Favat, and is a must-follow for Eagles and non-Eagles fans alike. Hate UConn? Want to mock the AAC? Enjoy.

@BloggerSoDear: On top of the latest Wake Forest news tweeted out daily, Jake can be found watching any and all ACC events, while providing in-depth analysis into what makes every player in the conference tick.

@BlueDevilLair: 247 Sports’ Adam Rowe covers all things Duke, while doing what many of the rest of us do as well: mock conference expansion rumors, make fun at our own expense and be completely realistic about what we’re seeing on the screen(s) in front of us.

@BrentAxeMedia: Syracuse.com’s Brent Axe has his finger on the pulse of Syracuse sports, and is a friendly guy to boot. And like all of the Orange persuasion, has no problem kicking around Rutgers (it’s just too easy).

@brink_aim: Orange and White’s Brandon Rink talks about all sports, ACC and otherwise, and actively covers ACC baseball as very few can. He also provides enlightening commentary on the media industry:

@ChiTribHamilton: The Chicago Tribune’s Brian Hamilton covers Notre Dame extensively, with up-to-the-minute news on the Irish. For a bird’s-eye view of the football program (likely preferred for ACC fans), this is where you should be.

@Dan_Lyons76: Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician’s Dan Lyons is one of a handful of people on Twitter constantly talking about Syracuse football. And he’s damn good at it. He’s also got some great ideas for the next breakout cable television series.

@DavidGlennShow: ACC Sports Journal’s David Glenn Show feed provides quick takes on the latest around the league, and when called upon, comes out swinging. The best proof point? Calling out most of the internet for the irresponsible “UVa-to-B1G” rumors months back (tweet below unrelated to that).

@DavidTeelatDP: The Daily Press’s beat writer, David Teel, is more engaged on Twitter than most of his newspaper cohorts, and regularly shares opinions on all things ACC. His written work, while directed toward the Virginia teams, gives plenty of insight to the whole league. And he has a pretty good relationship with John Swofford (better than most).

@DerekMedlin: Derek covers sports and crime for WRAL. So while it’s unfortunate to hear bad news on the police scanner, some of the lighter information’s a great time when interspersed with notes on the game last night. Also this:

@DocHeelFire: Doc Kennedy, of SB Nation’s Tar Heel Blog, chronicles UNC with smart observations, thoughtful analysis of all sports and a realistic view of what our DVRs can and can’t do.

@D1scourse: Former Washington Times writer Patrick Stevens covers Maryland and lacrosse with more depth than most — with airport/plane commentary to boot, too.

@8BalltheTiger: Anyone who’s spent some time on Every Day Should be Saturday will immediately recognize this meme — that of the drug-addled version of the Clemson Tigers mascot. No, it’s not supposed to make sense.

@FearTheStache: Bryan, originally of The Fighting Wannstaches, now provides his very honest view of Pitt sports over on Cardiac Hill. He also tells the truth:

@FTRSLilBroey: Editor of SB Nation’s Georgia Tech site, From the Rumble Seat, you’ll find Joey Weaver providing a glimpse at his life in the South, Tech sports and a variety of other topics. Last week’s stream of thoughts on working at a gas station was particularly fun.

@furrer4heisman: Former editor of Gobbler Country (also included below), it’s a feed for the ACC fan who’d like their sports, food and entertainment choices to linger together in one continuous loop of short sentences.

@GobblerCountry: The feed for SB Nation’s Virginia Tech site of the same name, follow it for all things Hokies, with the typical dash of ACC jokes you’ll find from nearly everyone on this list. You’ll also find some astonishingly awesome tweets like this one as well:

@GTPaulJohnson: The only coach on this list, Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson provides more personality in 140 characters than he ever has or will in person. Did you expect him to be such a wacky and offbeat dude? Even if so, I’m sure not ready for things like this:

@HoyaSuxa: Matt Glaude, of SB Nation’s College Crosse and Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician used to only talk about hating Georgetown (rightfully so). Though his subject matter’s a bit wider now, that doesn’t mean he still can’t get in a jab at the Hoyas now and again (this one, immediately after Syracuse advanced to the Final Four in basketball).

@IAmSpilly: Do you like food? Then don’t follow Spilly. The noted Pitt fan’s culinary concoctions have been featured across the web and are inedible for 99-percent of the American public. You’re only watching him make food because it’s like a car wreck. You cannot look away.

@IraSchoffel: Covering the ‘Noles for the Tallahassee Democrat, Ira’s one of top sources for Florida State news and notes. He’s also coined a phrase that I may be putting into use on a daily basis, for no other reason but “because”:

@JGJr9: State of the U’s Joe Garcia goes off on Hurricanes and other Miami sports nearly all day, with a specific focus on recruiting. As the ‘Canes are one of the more active recruiting teams in the conference, following him provides a ton of information.

@JoeOvies: The Raleigh-based sports talk radio host is a fervent supporter of the conference, while spending much of his day dealing with Twitter haters (as is typical of any radio host). The rest of the time, he’s enjoying conversation with the rest of the ACC corner of Twitter (as we all should).

@JohnCassillo: Yup, a little self-promotion here. But who else willingly covers ACC football as much as your author? Seriously…

@JP_Mundy: The recently-minted editor of SB Nation’s Blogger So Dear is about as realistic as the come regarding Wake Forest sports, with the type of self-awareness any ACC blogger/tweeter would be proud of.

@Justin_Ferber: When he’s not contributing over at SB Nation’s Streaking the Lawn, Justin’s tweeting non-stop about the Hoos, and providing critical analysis on cinematic classics.

@LauraKeeley: The Raleigh News & Observer beat writer for Duke covers Blue Devils football more than just about anyone. And enjoys doing it. Like several others on this list, she’s highly engaged with both the newspaper and blog folk around ACC Twitter.

@lebrownlow: Lauren Brownlow covers the ACC with the type of off-the-cuff, slightly random thoughts you’d expect from the conference’s best, at a quantity that sometimes astounds. It’s an admirable fan perspective on journalism, for those who prefer that sort of thing (I know I certainly do).

@LunchPailD: Gobbler Country editor Chris Hatcher dives into the world of Hokies sports with a passion, while giving live accounts of unrelated baseball games (not uncommon on ACC Twitter, weirdly enough). He’s also unafraid to tell it like it is:

@martinrickman: The godfather of #goacc, Martin Rickman tweets about Wake Forest, the ACC and a variety of other topics that may not seem in tune with college football. But don’t worry, they are. He also hates capital letters.

@Mengus22: Louisville fan and SB Nation writer Mark Ennis provides his followers with an endless stream of Cardinals and ACC commentary, along with some valuable life lessons. Chief among them: Don’t ever send him (or anyone, really) a Facebook games request.

@NunesMagician: Sean Keeley, editor of SB Nation’s Syracuse site, is always good for a few gems each and every week. From a profanity-laden top 10 thoughts following SU’s trip to the Final Four, to general life commentary, Sean’s feed has plenty for everyone.

@OrangeandWhite: A division of South Carolina’s Anderson Independent Mail, Orange and White is arguably the web’s most comprehensive source for all things Clemson-related. Follow for ACC/Tigers commentary, breaking news and live game coverage, too.

@PittScript: Bryan used to be obsessed with Pitt’s logo. Now he doesn’t care. But that doesn’t mean he’s without opinions on the rest of Panthers athletics. Follow him for anything Pitt-related, and for laughs at WVU’s expense (a standard ACC practice now).

@RussellAthBowl: Yes, the Russell Athletic Bowl (pitting the ACC against the American Athletic Conference) happens just once a year. But don’t tell that to the game’s Twitter feed, which has become legendary for its wit during the other 364 days when it’s not going on.

@saintwarrick: No, that’s not Peter Warrick Jeff’s paying homage to; it’s Warrick Dunn (easy mix-up). On top of FSU opinions, this feed’s handing out relevant ‘Noles links, additional sports commentary and a healthy dose of beer information as well.

@scacchoops: Like many other ACC tweeters, show up for the news & analysis, stay for the pop culture observations. Jon Pence (who runs his own site and contributes on the ACC Digital Network had this to say about the Billboard awards earlier this week:

@TarHeelBlog: Brian Barbour, head of SB Nation’s Tar Heel Blog, goes past all the typical stereotypes about UNC fans, and really gets to the bottom of what’s greatly concerning all of us about the San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili.

@TheCardConnect: Tweets like the one below could actually go a long way with the ACC’s fan bases, and perhaps that’s what Card Connect’s Nick Coffey is banking on. An endless stream of Louisville news, he’s one of Twitter’s top sources on the team.

@thedevilwolf: If something’s happening in the ACC, Ben Swain is likely providing commentary as entertainingly as he can (which is very). Among the conference’s most prolific tweeters, he’s got a knack for capturing exactly what’s going through your mind… five seconds before it actually does.

@thekeyplay: An endless stream of witty observations and schadenfreude about Virginia Tech and the ACC. Plus, some real thoughts on the Hokies, too. This is also pretty cool:

@TheStateoftheU: SB Nation’s Miami Hurricanes site is a consistent stream of news mainly surrounding “the U.” And until the NCAA investigation stuff is over, it’ll also produce some entertaining musings like this one:

@TheUVAFool: Brian Leung mans the feed for SB Nation’s Streaking the Lawn (its Virginia site) and when it’s not Hoos news, it’s usually can’t-miss comedy. From quoting rap lyrics to disjointed late-night sentences, it stops you from judging him when he’s late to the party on other things.

@TomahawkNation: Bud Elliott, editor of SB Nation’s Florida State site, gives the web’s best perspective on all things ‘Noles, while also being one of just a few FSU fans with a sense of humor (sorry, guys!). He also handles recruiting for SB Nation — so about as informative as they come.


Did I miss anybody? Any qualms about the 50 folks on here? Feel free to express your displeasure in the comments and/or on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “50 Twitter Accounts Every ACC Fan Should Follow

  1. What are your thoughts on @os_coleyharvey? He did a great job covering Georgia Tech for many years, and now is down in Orlando covering Florida State.

    • I like his work for the most part, though admittedly, a bit disappointed with the team-by-team countdown he’s running right now. Just very dismissive of teams like Syracuse and BC, without including all the details. No way 95 teams are better the the Orange this season.

      • One thing I’d love to see from one of those countdowns: Special awards for the first teams that have their entire non-conference schedule listed and those who have their entire schedule listed.

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