ACC Football Daily Links — ACC Coaches Stick With 8-Game Conference Schedule, Also Discuss MSG for Basketball

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Expanded ACC Tackles Scheduling Issues (Tallahassee Democrat)

With the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse this year, Louisville in 2014 and Notre Dame in all sports besides football, the topic of scheduling is a little trickier than usual at the ACC’s annual spring meetings.In football, of course, those issues are compounded by the fact that every conference is trying to position itself best for the looming four-team college playoff…

How Commissioner John Swofford Brought Stability to the ACC (

The man who started and finished the most chaotic reorganization in the history of major college sports lounged for just a moment in a squishy chair on Tuesday. But for his sport coat, John Swofford looked every bit like most of the vacationers who frequent this secluded beachside resort. Even though he’s working this week, he wore the ruddy-cheeked smile of a man who left his cares at home…

On-Field Results Don’t Come Close to Matching Potential for ACC (

he argument can be made: The ACC has never been healthier. Don’t snicker, smile or dismiss. The ACC’s power brokers certainly aren’t at the conference’s spring meetings. “[The ACC’s] success going to be realized in the coming years,” Miami AD Blake James said. Not exactly propaganda, as Bob Stoops would put it, but there is a quiet confidence here that football will get better…

Notre Dame and AD Jack Swarbrick a Factor in Optimism at ACC Meetings (Orlando Sentinel)

The buzz is back at the ACC spring meetings. All indications are after a tumultuous stretch, all is well with the ACC. A recently agreed upon conference grant of rights media deal helps explain the laughter and apparent euphoria that has filled the Ritz-Carlton’s halls since ACC leaders gathered Monday morning. So has the presence of one particular school, it seems…

ACC Coaches Want Vote in College Football Playoff (

ACC coaches – who are in Amelia Island, Fla., for the conference’s spring meetings – are for the coaches’ poll being part of process used by the selection committee to determine the four teams in the College Football Playoff. Duke coach David Cutcliffe told on Wednesday the group is also in favor of every coach having a vote and to make those votes public…

Florida State & Georgia May Face Off in 2016 Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game (

The Florida State Seminoles and the Georgia Bulldogs could face off in the 2016 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, according to a report by The Orlando Sentinel. FSU athletics director Randy Spetman first revealed that he was talking with Georgia about a future football match-up at FSU’s Spring game in April…

Big Ten’s Delany on Realignment: “Schools on the Perimeter Haven’t Held Together” (Mr. SEC)

With the Big Ten holding meetings in Chicago this week, microphones and cameras have been thrust into the face of commissioner Jim Delany.  Matt Hayes of The Sporting News relates Delany’s reaction to the question of why it’s been important for the Big Ten to add schools located in contiguous states: “You look at those on the outside (of conferences), and things don’t always hold together. Schools on the perimeter haven’t held together…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — ACC Coaches Stick With 8-Game Conference Schedule, Also Discuss MSG for Basketball

  1. Delaney is such a $#%$#$ @#%#$^@%. Maryland was NOT on the perimeter of the new ACC and that was NOT even remotely a factor in their move to the B1G. They moved because their incompetence had put them millions in the red and needed a bailout. Period. UNC should start procedures to disown him and revoke his diploma for his repeated attempts to destroy the ACC. He is a festering boil on the buttocks of college sports.

    • Yeah, I think Delany’s got some pretty flawed logic here. It’s like he’s stoking the fire for expansion speculation, when there’s really no chance of it right now. Perimeter schools and geographic outliers aren’t the same thing, either. Geographic outliers always have a chance of leaving, but perimeter schools are usually connected to the core of the conference — at least physically.

  2. I love how Delaney neglects to mention that the only reason why the schools along the B1G periphery stayed in the B1G because of their 25 year GoR that they renew every 15 years. Oh and lets not forget that the Wisconsin AD admitted that the B1G grabbed Maryland and Rutgers to shore up PSU’s allegiance to the B1G.

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