ACC Football Daily Links — What’s the Biggest Selling Point for Recruiting at Each ACC School?

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Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Recruiting Pitches: ACC (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Inspired by Florida’s “#ComePlayWRFortheJoker” campaign, our recruiting writers looked at other ways schools can sell themselves on the trail. Here’s a look at recruiting pitches for the ACC: Boston College Eagles  — What they’re selling: B.C. has a metropolitan area to sell prospects. There are several top professional sports teams to enhance the college atmosphere…

Tempo: Clemson at Forefront of Changing Football Landscape (Orange and White)

Chad Morris is constantly looking for an edge. Part of it? #Tempo – it’s what Chad Morris puts at the end of each tweet, the constant push for more plays per game. We’ve touched on seconds per play before, and Football Study Hall did a breakdown in terms of plays per minute of possession, over college football as a whole. Per FSH, 63 percent of teams’ plays per minute (PPM) have gone up over the last four years…

ACC Proved Out of UC’s League (

Former University of Cincinnati president Greg Williams said he did everything he could to keep the school in one of the nation’s major leagues, including seeking alternatives beyond the Big East Conference.Williams, who resigned suddenly last August and now lives in New York, has been criticized by some for putting too much effort into keeping the Big East afloat in what turned out to be a lost cause…

Debating Future of Purdue-ND, MSU-ND (ESPN’s Big Ten Blog)

After Notre Dame finalized its arrangement with the ACC last fall, it decided to suspend its annual series against Michigan. It begs the question: What will become of Notre Dame’s other two Big Ten rivalries against Purdue and Michigan State? All three schools have decisions to make. The Big Ten’s move to a nine-game conference schedule beginning in 2016 makes it harder for Purdue and Michigan State to play Notre Dame annually…

Boston College Football: Does QB Wes Lunt to the Eagles Make Sense? (BC Interruption)

One of the biggest transfer options this offseason is pro style quarterback Wes Lunt, who will be leaving Oklahoma State after his freshman season. Lunt, who started four games in 2012, finished the season with 1,108 yards, 6 TDs and seven interceptions. The reason for the transfer is reportedly due to a change in offensive style, with more of an emphasis on utilizing a mobile quarterback, and the naming of Clint Chelf as the 2013 starter…

Clemson Fans Have Had Enough of Losing the Rival Game (Greenville News)

They come to hear the words from the Top Man, not just any words, but the words they want to hear concerning the approaching college football season.In a private moment, most coaches will concede making the rounds at spring booster clubs isn’t the highlight of their calendar year, one of those things they could just as well do without, and it’s not because they don’t like fans…

An Ode to Danny Coale (Gobbler Country)

When it was announced Virginia Tech and Michigan have agreed to a home-and-home series in 2020 and 2021, the Twitterverse blew up with the hashtag, “It was a catch!” @AndyBitterVT: VT-Michigan have met once in football. You might remember the overtime Sugar Bowl matchup in January of 2012? #wasitacatch? I don’t know if Andy Bitter was being serious or if he was trolling…

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