“From Swofford to Delany”: A Romantic Comedy

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a feature on the professional rivalry between ACC commissioner John Swofford and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, dating back to when the two attended North Carolina together. Obviously, this lent itself to one entertaining (and completely fictional) romantic comedy idea. Do with this preview what you will…


Trailer starts with a panoramic view of Chapel Hill, and this song rising up:


Voice-over announcer: “Jim Delany was a star point guard, living in the moment.”

“John Swofford was a Southern academic… and a football player.”


“But despite their differences, they both shared a common bond; one they’d battle over for the next 40 years…”


“This summer… get yourself swept up in one of the most daring, heart-warming stories of the year. As friends become rivals to become friends, simply to become rivals once again, while fighting over a turtle that could threaten to ruin it all.”


“Starring: Craig T. Nelson as Jim Delany”


“And Patton Oswalt as John Swofford”


“… in a comedy so delightful, it’ll leave you anything but Carolina blue.”


“‘From Swofford to Delany.’ Because what’s a rivalry without a little love?”


“Coming to a theater near you on July 1”

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