NFL Draft 2013 Preview: Mock-Drafting Every ACC Prospect

Will Former UNC Guard Jonathan Cooper End Up Being a Top-10 Pick?

Could Former North Carolina Offensive Guard Jonathan Cooper End Up Being a Top-10 Pick?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been evaluating every ACC prospect for the 2013 NFL Draft, giving some quick thoughts on players’ skill sets and what round they may be chosen in. With the draft officially starting tomorrow night, we’ll now be mocking up a quick draft, complete with the teams most likely to choose these players. For those who are not projected to be selected, we’ve avoided predictions, since it’s a pointless exercise in predicting undrafted free agency. Interested in full profiles of every ACC prospect? See the list of team previews at the bottom of the piece.

***First Round

8. Buffalo Bills: Jonathan Cooper, OG/North Carolina (Sr.)

19. New York Giants: Bjoern Werner, DE/Florida State (Jr.)

22. St. Louis Rams: Cornellius “Tank” Carradine, DE/Florida State (Sr.)

24. Indianapolis Colts: Xavier Rhodes, CB/Florida State (Jr.)

27. Houston Texans: DeAndre Hopkins, WR/Clemson (Jr.)

30. Atlanta Falcons: Menelik Watson, OT/Florida State (Jr.)

***Second Round

33. Jacksonville Jaguars: Sylvester Williams, DT/North Carolina (Sr.)

41. Buffalo Bills: Ryan Nassib, QB/Syracuse (Sr.)

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: EJ Manuel, QB/Florida State (Sr.)

48. Pittsburgh Steelers: Justin Pugh, OT/Syracuse (Sr.)

53. Cincinnati Bengals: Giovani Bernard, RB/North Carolina (So.)

***Third Round

64. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Glennon, QB/NC State (Sr.)

66. Oakland Raiders: David Amerson, CB/NC State (Jr.)

84. Cincinnati Bengals: Shamarko Thomas, SS/Syracuse (Sr.)

86. Indianapolis Colts: Andre Ellington, RB/Clemson (Sr.)

96. Kansas City Chiefs: Brennan Williams, OT/North Carolina (Sr.)

***Fourth Round

103. Arizona Cardinals: Oday Aboushi, OT/Virginia (Sr.)

106. New York Jets: Malliciah Goodman, DE/Clemson (Sr.)

109. New Orleans Saints: Vinston Painter, OT/Virginia Tech (Sr.)

129. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Fuller, WR/Virginia Tech (Sr.)

***Fifth Round

136. Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon McGee, CB/Miami (Sr.)

137. Detroit Lions: Kevin Reddick, ILB/North Carolina (Sr.)

140. Arizona Cardinals: Brandon Jenkins, DE/Florida State (Sr.)

159. Green Bay Packers: Conner Vernon, WR/Duke (Sr.)

164. San Francisco 49ers: Adrian Bushell, CB/Louisville (Sr.)

166. Miami Dolphins: Matt Furstenburg, TE/Maryland (Sr.)

***Sixth Round

174. Arizona Cardinals: Ray Graham, RB/Pittsburgh (Sr.)

177. Buffalo Bills: Everett Dawkins, DT/Florida State (Sr.)

179. San Diego Chargers: Earl Wolff, SS/NC State (Sr.)

180. San Francisco 49ers: Dustin Hopkins, K/Florida State (Sr.)

194. Seattle Seahawks: Marcus Davis, WR/Virginia Tech (Sr.)

206. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rodney Smith, WR/Florida State (Sr.)

***Seventh Round

209. Oakland Raiders: Nick Becton, OT/Virginia Tech (Sr.)

211. Detroit Lions: Alec Lemon, WR/Syracuse (Sr.)

215. New York Jets: Lonnie Pryor, FB/Florida State (Sr.)

222. St. Louis Rams: Emmett Cleary, OT/Boston College (Sr.)

229. Minnesota Vikings: T.J. Barnes, DT/Georgia Tech (Sr.)

235. New England Patriots: Tommy Bohanon, FB/Wake Forest (Sr.)

239. Philadelphia Eagles: Travis Bond, OG/North Carolina (Sr.)

245. Detroit Lions: Mario Benavides, C/Louisville (Sr.)

253. New York Giants: Dalton Freeman, C/Clemson (Sr.)

***Notable Undrafted

Boston College: Nick Clancy (ILB), Chris Pantale (TE), John Wetzel (OT);

Clemson: Rashard Hall (SS)

Duke: Sean Renfree (QB)

Florida State: Anthony McCloud (DT), Nick Moody (LB), Greg Reid (CB), Chris Thompson (RB), Vince Williams (ILB)

Georgia Tech: Orwin Smith (RB), Rod Sweeting (CB), Omoregie Uzzi (OG)

Maryland: Kenny Tate (SS), Joe Vellano (DT)

Miami: Ray Ray Armstrong, (SS); Mike James (RB)

NC State: Zach Allen (OG), Tobais Palmer (WR)

Pittsburgh: Mike Shanahan (TE)

Syracuse: Zack Chibane (OG), Deon Goggins (DT)

Virginia: Steve Greer (ILB), Kevin Parks (RB), LaRoy Reynolds (OLB)

Virginia Tech: Bruce Taylor (ILB)

For team-by-team prospect previews, head to your school’s corresponding linkBoston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, NC State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

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