ACC Football Daily Links — What Did Florida State Get in Return For Signing ACC’s Grant of Rights?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Each ACC Team Gave Florida State for the Grant of Rights Deal, Probably (SB Nation)

I know it’s hard out there being a Florida State fan. Playing in a conference that is beneath you, wanting more of the cut than everyone else despite the ACC’s commitment to sharing everything, making memories, and being friends. And yet, the Noles want more. They’re jealous of their brothers in Gainesville for having it all. They make themselves feel better by finding ways to make fun of their other brothers in Miami…

ACC Deal Makes Big Ten Expansion Unlikely, Jim Delany Says (The Sporting News)

For the first time in three years, it appears the college football landscape has finally settled. Thanks to a basketball conference, of all things. The ACC’s new grant of rights television deal—tying all 14 teams and Notre Dame into a long-term revenue sharing contract—has leveled off further realignment. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, whose conference presidents have been “evaluating” the conference landscape, said Tuesday further Big Ten expansion is unlikely…

Realignment, Expansion Not Out of the Question (Omaha World Herald)

Don’t slam the door on future college conference expansion and realignment just yet. The trendy instant reaction Monday to news that members of the Atlantic Coast Conference agreed to a “grant of rights” clause for its television and media was that it would halt realignment…

A Cartel By Any Name Still a Cartel (Associated Press)

The cartel formerly known as the Bowl Championship Series has changed its name. Because nothing says college football playoff better than, well, College Football Playoff. Yeah, it’s unimaginative. The capital letters are pretentious, too. But tell me you don’t envy the marketing consultants who were called in and practically dared to give the old BCS crowd a dose of their own medicine…

Picture Changes ACC’s Lawsuit Against the Terps (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

It’s a shame Maryland couldn’t have had a little more patience. The ACC’s grant of rights announcement on Monday was spectacular. It was like one giant shoe coming down on every realignment rumor out there and squashing it like a bug. It was 15 university presidents standing together like a brick wall. It was a conversation Maryland had absolutely nothing to do with…

EJ Manuel Has Been Pushing for Respect as He Headlines FSU’s Draft Class (Orlando Sentinel)

As EJ Manuel began cutting into his meal at the Italian restaurant in town where he agreed to meet one similarly starved interviewer, it was clear there was something weighing on his mind. It was about respect, and how surprised he was that he was getting little. “I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder,” the former Florida State quarterback and current NFL Draft hopeful said as sliced into his Chicken Parmesan…

Radakovich on Playoff Committee, Says ACC Network Talk to “Begin in Earnest” (Orange and White)

The college football world, or at least a major part of it, is in Pasadena, California this week deciding the specifics of the upcoming four-team playoff. Representing the ACC is Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich, who offered his first thoughts on the conference’s grant of rights deal to a statewide sportstalk show. “It’s a tremendously exciting time for the conference,” Radakovich said…

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