ACC Football Daily Links — ACC Grant of Media Rights Appears to Halt Power Conference Realignment

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ACC Grant of Rights: The Beginning of the End of Conference Realignment? (Frank the Tank’s Slant)

Despite being a Big Ten guy that would personally love to have Jim Delany add Florida State, I’ve repeated the following statement many times on this blog: the ACC is much stronger than what people give it credit for. It’s not that I’m a fan of the ACC at all, but simply a reflection that it has never been as open for poaching as so many conference realignment observers thought or wanted it to be…

ACC Grant of Rights: Now What? (BC Interruption)

OK, now that the Atlantic Coast Conference has secured its future through 2027 and the conference will move forward with 15 members, what now? 1. Division realignment. It’s not too late, you guys. The Big Ten is set to fix a three year mistake. Know how I know it is, in fact, a three year mistake? The conference brass leaked the story last Friday during the Boston Marathon bombing suspect manhunt. R.I.P. “Legends” and “Leaders”…

Why Would Florida State Agree to ACC Grant of Rights? (Tomahawk Nation)

Monday, word came that the ACC schools agreed to a grant of rights through 2025. In the simplest of terms, a granting of rights means that if a school leaves the conference, the conference keeps its media rights for the duration of the term. This effectively means that no school, absent hitting multiple Powerball jackpots, can leave the conference, because the conference would keep all of its TV money…

RIP, Television Realignment Era: 25 Memories From College Sports’ Dumbest Goldrush (SB Nation)

Conference realignment is not over, despite the ACC’s members agreeing to pledge their TV money to each other for the next 14 years. And it is fitting that it was TV money that provided stability, seeing as it was the college sports TV boom that broke the country apart all along. But at the major, sport-shaping, rivalry-shattering, megabucks-chasing level? It’s over for now, three and a half years after it began…

10 Questions After Wrapping Spring Practice in the ACC (CBS Sports)

Spring practice has concluded for all 14 ACC teams, as the league prepares for the first year of expanded play with Pittsburgh and Syracuse. After this the players will take time off for exams, then enter the summer conditioning program until preseason camp opens in August. No coach is going to reveal any key information about their squad in spring practice…

Willing to Work (‘NoleNation)

As assistant coaching jobs in high school go, this one was as good as they come, and Jeremy Pruitt wanted it desperately.It was 2004, and Hoover High, just outside Birmingham, Ala., was perhaps the most high-profile program in the country. A perennial championship contender, the Buccaneers were soon to be the focus of an MTV reality show…

Big 12 Football: What Does the ACC Grant of Rights Mean? (The Oklahoman)

The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced its schools have signed over their television money to the league — the grant of rights, which was popularized by the Big 12 as a mean to solidify a fracturing conference. Here are the winners and losers of the ACC decision. Loser: West Virginia. If the grant of rights holds, then the Mountaineers appear stuck on an island…

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