Notre Dame, ACC Announce Football Opponents Rotation for 2014 Through 2016 Seasons

Syracuse and Notre Dame Will Face Off Twice in the First Three Years of the ACC Scheduling Arrangement

Syracuse & Notre Dame Face Off Twice in the First Three Years of the ACC Scheduling Arrangement

The big news out of Notre Dame‘s camp today (after yesterday’s announcement regarding the NBC contract extension) is the rotation of ACC football opponents for the 2014 through 2016 seasons. As a quick refresher, the Fighting Irish will play five ACC teams per season going forward, and with 14 conference teams, there’s no simple rotation available. Still, per the release today, the schedule will look like this (dates TBD):


Home: Louisville, North Carolina, Wake Forest
Road: Florida State, Syracuse


Home: Boston College, Georgia Tech
Road: Clemson, Pittsburgh, Virginia


Home: Duke, Miami, Virginia Tech
Road: NC State, Syracuse

… we took a crack at figuring what the schedule would look like about a month ago, and while we swung and missed on several of these (understandably so — there were a lot of options to go with), we did correctly guess that Syracuse would be doubled up on the first rotation. This is likely due to the Meadowlands arrangement that’s already in place, rather than a favoritism toward facing the Orange (if anything, I’m sure ND would rather play BC or Pitt more often than the others).

So while that all appears pretty cut-and-dry, it actually ends up leading to a few more questions: Who gets doubled up on the rotation’s next go-around? Will it have to be a high-profile team (FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech, VaTech) or one playing at a neutral site? And where will these games be televised? Assuming ESPN, for sure, on these Notre Dame road games. But what of the home games? Are they all just automatically sent over to NBC?

The Irish also have to spend some time clearing room on the 2014 schedule, with one more game left to go after they removed Arizona State. I’d bet the pick there is Rice, but at the same time, the Owls would be one of Notre Dame’s only breaks in what’s otherwise a monster slate of major-conference teams.

Thoughts? Complaints? Sour grapes over Syracuse getting two games in this rotation despite being one of the “new guys?” Share your commentary below.

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6 thoughts on “Notre Dame, ACC Announce Football Opponents Rotation for 2014 Through 2016 Seasons

    • Do you think they’d force one of the games with BC to be at Gillette Stadium? And I don’t mind the arrangement somewhat, if only because it eliminates some of the strength of schedule issues for the conference and makes some parts of non-conference scheduling easier (and others harder, admittedly).

    • Agree from the standpoint of Orange fans in Syracuse and students that attend games (not as many as I or others would like). But from an alumni outreach and overall attention-grabbing motion, this is likely the right way to go. Lots of alums in NYC and Jersey, plus a large contingent of Notre Dame fans in those areas. I’d think ESPN would make a bigger deal about a game at MetLife than the Dome for sure (rightly or wrongly). Despite the two bowl wins in the last three years, SU’s still rebounding on a national scale, so it’s best to make the decision that puts them in the limelight most.

      Both games at MetLife also becomes a bit of a win for Syracuse over Notre Dame, since they only have to make that trip to NJ twice, rather than one to NJ and one to Indiana.

  1. Syracuse schedules games at Met-Life other than Notre Dame (e.g. USC, Penn State) so I think it’s safe to say the school sees that stadium as a home away from home already. Getting ND there twice is a BIG win for SU – after all, who do you think keeps the gate receipts?

    • It’s a nice win financially. The problem it creates, however, may eventually offset that. If every elite opponent sees MetLife as the preferred destination over the Carrier Dome, suddenly the Orange can’t get any of those teams to actually come up to Syracuse. Local fans and students get screwed in this deal, which devalues season tickets and reduces actual home attendance.

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