ACC Football Daily Links — Should ACC’s Focus Be on Hoops over Football? And Does It Have to Chose One?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hoops Should Be on Swofford’s Mind as ACC Prepares to Grow (Daily Progress)

Now that the Final Four is over and a future ACC team has been crowned champion, most sports fans will turn their attention toward spring/summer sports. ACC commissioner John Swofford won’t necessarily have that luxury. Swofford, who brilliantly managed expansion, TV contracts and the league’s football future in the new playoffs, never rests. What must be on his mind is ACC basketball…

More Than 41 Percent of ACC Football Assistants Will Be New This Season (Daily Press)

At last check, ACC assistant football coaches are not subject to term limits, but as teams went through spring practice last month and this, the turnover among staff was striking. Barring additional changes, 41.3 percent of full-time ACC assistants, 52 of 126, will be new in 2013. Virginia, Florida State and Miami lost replacement coaches to other schools before they gassed up their courtesy rigs…

Rettig Proves He is Ready to Run His Team (The Heights)

Chase Rettig spent his Saturday morning running. The Boston College senior quarterback, known for his arm’s accuracy and efficiency, made the loudest noise at the Eagles’ scrimmage this weekend by running the football, running a wide receiver’s route, and running his fifth offense. He passed the ball as well, of course, and just like any balanced attack, it’s his ability to pass that allows him to run this team…

PSA: Maryland’s Spring Game is Tonight. Here’s What to Watch For (Testudo Times)

Yes, that’s right, Maryland’s taken a bit of a different path with their spring game: instead of the traditional Saturday afternoon, the Terps will be playing under the lights, with their spring finale kicking off at 7pm on Friday night. It is, if absolutely nothing else, unique and interesting. (And ignore the fact that it got pushed up a day early because lacrosse needed the field for Hopkins)…

ASU AD Rips Notre Dame Over Scheduling Flap (Fox Sports Arizona)

Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson on Wednesday took a few shots at Notre Dame over a football scheduling flap that began last week when a report surfaced that the Fighting Irish would drop the Sun Devils from their 2014 schedule. Nothing has been made official, so the game in Tempe on Oct. 25, 2014, remains on the books, but it’s clear Notre Dame has at least expressed its desire to drop the game…

Maryland Football’s New-Look Defensive Line (Washington Post)

When the clock ticked 2:30 p.m. and Maryland’s defensive linemen lumbered into their cramped position room in the Gossett Team House, squeezing into chairs to study film, meetings transformed into a two-man quiz show. Whenever assistant Greg Gattuso paused the tape and posed a question, even to the younger understudies, two hands shot up…

NC State’s Rob Crisp Back on Track (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

NC State offensive tackle Rob Crisp thought the Cortisone shot would do the trick. After breaking his tailbone last year in the fourth quarter of the season opener against Tennessee, Crisp was eager to get back on the field and help the Pack. He did everything asked of him during the rehabilitation process, and was cleared to play the final seven games of the season…

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5 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Should ACC’s Focus Be on Hoops over Football? And Does It Have to Chose One?

  1. To answer the question you posed: Yes the ACC should be thinking about optimizing basketball, but not to the exclusion of football – Swofford needs to optimize both.

    • Exactly. The ACC needs well rounded athletic programs to be competitive in today’s era of college sports. One sport departments don’t cut it anymore for major conference membership.

  2. ACC schools definitely shouldn’t have to chose between successful football and successful basketball. I don’t buy Coach K’s implication that being successful at football means neglecting basketball or vice versa. He’s been harping that point since the initial round of expansion in 2003/2004. He was wrong then and he’s still being proven wrong now. Just look at this year’s Final Four. The best championship game in years was between the past two Sugar Bowl champion schools.

    • Agreed. I don’t understand why K continues to weigh in on this topic. Especially after recent expansion went ahead and added schools that had strong brands in both football and basketball. Beginning next year, the ACC’s back on top of the pile for hoops, but in no way does that mean football’s on the backburner. Your statement above was right. Can’t focus on just one or the other in today’s landscape.

      • I really think Coach K keeps weighing in on expansion with “Basketball vs. Football” mindset because he’s fallen out of touch with modern college athletics. I mean, he’s still a winner on the court, but his comments on expansion and the allocation of athletic resources seem to come from a pre-NCAA v. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma mindset. He’s stuck in a time where athletic budgets and revenues were much smaller and it was fairly standard to see a school be successful at basketball or football, but not both.

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