ACC Football Daily Links — Who’s the Conference Favorite for 2013; Florida State or Clemson?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ACC Burning Questions: After Offseason of Change, Who Emerges? (

It’s going to be an interesting/weird season for ACC football in 2013. Syracuse and Pittsburgh come on board to make it a 14-team conference. Maryland, a charter member since the conference was founded in 1953, plays its last season before bolting for the Big Ten. Then Louisville, a growing football power, joins in 2014 and brings its considerable basketball gravitas to the league…

Those New Georgia Tech Uniforms Are Very Fake, We’re Sorry to Say (SB Nation)

Here is the story of some fake uniforms that lit college football Twitter ablaze for about six minutes on a sunny Monday afternoon in April despite being presented by way of a fake release from Russell Athletic that misspells both words in the term “Russell Athletic.” They’re hilariously horrible, and they’re from here: @rcggt: @edsbs @JasonKirkSBN It was an April Fools joke from a poster on Stingtalk… (#YOLOJACKETS)

Pitt Protects Its Own Interests in Shell Saga (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

So Pitt running back Rushel Shell is not going to be free to choose any school he wants to play for after leaving the Panthers. Call me blindsided. Err, not. Our friends over at the Pac-12 blog seem to have a different take on the report that Shell won’t be allowed to play at Arizona State. Ted Miller sarcastically notes Pitt hates freedom in his column wondering why the school would place restrictions on where Shell can continue playing ball…

Duke Football’s Stable of Running Backs (Duke Chronicle)

Duke will enter the 2013-2014 season facing a problem it has not yet seen in the first five years of the David Cutcliffe era: the Blue Devils have so many running backs, they might not know who to hand the ball off to. The top six rushers in a unit that averaged more than 125 yards per game last season will be back on the field in the fall, including Juwan Thompson, Josh Snead, Jela Duncan and Shaquille Powell…

Syracuse Football Patching Up Many Holes on Defensive Line (

The Syracuse defensive line is in a state of repair. Leading pass-rusher Brandon Sharpe and inside tackle Deon Goggins are out of eligibility, and Markus Pierce-Brewster, another starter at defensive end last season, was dismissed by first-year head coach Scott Shafer before the start of spring practice for a violation of team rules…

Recruit Says Miami Has Done Enough in NCAA Mess (Associated Press)

Conventional wisdom might suggest recruits would be at least a bit worried about the uncertainty at Miami over the ongoing NCAA probe into alleged rulebreaking within the Hurricanes’ athletic department. Reilly Gibbons has no concerns. At least, none after reading what Miami President Donna Shalala has written about the matter…

Spring Game Review: Offense (Streaking the Lawn)

Year after year, the spring game is disappointing. This year was no different. The OL struggled. There were dropped passes, missed blocks, some poor throws and a lot more sloppiness. Mostly, this is to be expected, because of the constantly changing personnel, and the fact that game plans aren’t fully instituted yet. Because of all the coaching turnover, the sloppiness was possibly even more expected this year…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Who’s the Conference Favorite for 2013; Florida State or Clemson?

  1. COMMENTS on the First LINK:

    1: Can Noles repeat after coaching exodus?
    NO, mainly because they lost too many players. They are 1 year away, IMO.

    2: Is Clemson ready to take the next step?
    YES. Don’t be surprised if Clemson contends for the BCS championship.

    3: Can Hokies QB right the ship under Loeffler?
    YES. VT tried to put too much on Thomas last year; Loeffler will use the run game more, I think.

    4: Which new coach will find most success?
    Addazzio will make BC the most improved (up from 2 wins).
    Most total wins may come down to the Syracuse vs. NC State game.

    5: Could this be a breakthrough year for Miami?
    YES. Offense is already there; defense has to improve – right?

    BTW: Clemson is the conference favorite for 2013; Look out for VT (and FSU) in 2014.

    • I’d agree with all of that. Pressure on Thomas was my biggest critique of Virginia Tech last season, and I expect Loeffler fixes that. Clemson’s certainly the favorite in the ACC right now, and I think a lot of outside commentators are not giving the Tigers’ improved defense enough credit. I fully expect them to score a big win versus Georgia on opening weekend.

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