Atlantic Coast Convos Far-Too-Early 2013 Top 25

Can Duke Johnson and the 'Canes Find Themselves in the Top 25 This Fall?

Can Duke Johnson and the ‘Canes Find Themselves in the Top 25 This Fall?

With spring practices well under way, and recruiting classes all settled, we’ve got our first informed look at what college football’s top 25 may look like for 2013. While it’s nothing more than a slightly educated guess, perhaps it’ll at least make us forget about just how long it is until the new season kicks off this coming August. Disagree with any (or all) of the below? Protest away in the comments.

Atlantic Coast Convos 2013 Top 25 (April 3)

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (Last: 1)

2. Stanford Cardinal (Last: 2)

3.Texas A&M Aggies (Last: 3)

4.Oregon Ducks (Last: 4)

5. Georgia Bulldogs (Last: 5)

6. South Carolina Gamecocks (Last: 7)

7. Clemson Tigers (Last: 8)

8. Ohio State Buckeyes (Last: 6)

9. Texas Longhorns (Last: 13)

10. Louisville Cardinals (Last: 9)

11. Florida Gators (Last: 10)

12. LSU Tigers (Last: 12)

13. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Last: 11)

14. Boise State Broncos (Last: 14)

15. Oregon State Beavers (Last: 16)

16. TCU Horned Frogs (Last: 17)

17. Michigan Wolverines (Last: 19)

18. Florida State Seminoles (Last: 15)

19. Oklahoma State Cowboys (Last: 20)

20. UCLA Bruins (Last: 18)

21. Northwestern Wildcats (Last: 22)

22. Vanderbilt Commodores (Last: 24)

23. Ole Miss Rebels (Last: 25)

24. Miami Hurricanes (Last: NR)

25. Michigan State Spartans (Last: NR)

Per conference: SEC (8), Pac-12 (4), Big Ten (4), ACC (3), Big 12 (3), Big East (1), Independent (1), MWC (1)

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic Coast Convos Far-Too-Early 2013 Top 25

  1. Q #1: how far do you think Alabama, Georgia and S Carolina will fall when they lose to the Va Tech, Clemson and N Carolina (respectively)?
    Q #2: In week #2, how far will Florida fall when they lose to Miami?
    Finally, Q #3: how much credit will UVA and Syracuse get for beating Oregon and Penn State?

    • Assuming all of those things will happen (which, for our purposes here, why not?):

      1. Alabama drops to #10 with a loss to VaTech; Georgia falls to #9; SC falls to #14. Also provides big bumps for those ACC teams. Clemson jumps into top five, while VaTech and UNC both end up ranked.

      2. If Florida loses to Miami, I think they drop to #18. But depends on the severity of the loss, and if Miami’s already ranked.

      3. UVA will be celebrated for beating Oregon, and if the Hoos have already knocked off BYU, they’ll be ranked for week three. Syracuse will get a pat on the head for beating Penn State, because that feat is not overly impressive right now.

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