Ranking the Best ACC Football Matchups of 2013: #80-71

The Oregon Ducks Pay a Visit to Virginia in Charlottesville This Fall

The Oregon Ducks Pay a Visit to Virginia in Charlottesville This Fall

The 2013 ACC football schedule has officially been released, meaning we finally have some clarity as to whom the conference’s 14 teams will face-off with from week-to-week next season. So with that in mind, we thought it would be an entertaining undertaking to rank all 112 ACC football games for 2013 because, well… it’s the offseason.

Today, we take a quick glance at numbers 80 through 71; several in-conference games in this list, as an unfortunate result of the league’s severe imbalance between its best and worst teams, respectively. Additionally, there’s a marked uptick in quality of non-conference games as well — though we’re still nowhere near the highlights of the ACC slate.

#80: Florida State Seminoles at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (Saturday, November 9)

#79: Boston College Eagles at Clemson Tigers (Saturday, October 12)

#78: UL-Monroe Warhawks at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (Saturday, September 14)

#77: Maryland Terrapins at Virginia Tech Hokies (Saturday, November 16)

#76: Maryland Terrapins at Connecticut Huskies (Saturday, September 14)

#75: East Carolina Pirates at North Carolina Tar Heels (Saturday, September 28)

#74: Maryland Terrapins at Florida State Seminoles (Saturday, October 5)

#73: Clemson Tigers at Virginia Cavaliers (Saturday, November 2)

#72: Clemson Tigers at Maryland Terrapins (Saturday, October 5)

#71: Oregon Ducks at Virginia Cavaliers (Saturday, September 7)

Some additional notes on today’s list:

  • The 10 games appear on eight different dates
  • Breakdown of non-conference opponent leagues: Big East (1), C-USA (1), Pac-12 (1), Sun Belt (1)
  • Breakdown of non-conference opponent home states: Connecticut (1), Louisiana (1), North Carolina (1), Oregon (1)
  • Public vs. private universities: Four public

Previously: #112-101, #100-91, #90-81

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6 thoughts on “Ranking the Best ACC Football Matchups of 2013: #80-71

  1. As a Clemson fan in northern VA, I’m trying to decide between heading to the MD or UVA game this season … I’d sort of prefer UVA since I’ve never been, but MD is way closer (only about a 40 minute metro ride away). Neither should be that great of a game, but I couldn’t pass up a game so close to home 🙂

    • I wish I had that sort of decision to make. Syracuse fan in Los Angeles, so no in-conference games (or non-conference games, for the most part) for me out here. So my only choice is really to go where I can get the cheapest flight (and a free place to crash). SU at Maryland on November 9 won out.

  2. On a side note, I’d like to give UVA a little credit for scheduling some big time opponents in recent years out of conference. In a day where teams water down their schedules, it is nice to see. And ultimately it is wise, if you want to become elite, you need to beat the elite. Mazel Tov UVA.

    Also, just renewed my GT season tickets, can’t wait.

    • UVA gets it, and I think the rest of the conference is following suit (FSU scheduling Boise and OSU, most notably). Strength of schedule will be huge for the playoff system and ACC teams — agree or disagree — need to help their case.

  3. 3 questions:
    1) curious why Oregon @ Virginia is all the way down at #71 – seems like it would’ve been higher
    2) John, will you be attending BC @ USC on 9/14?
    3) what about Ga Tech @ BYU on 10/12?

    • Sure, Mark:

      1. Kept Oregon/UVA a bit lower because I don’t see it being a very competitive game. The Hoos need some help on defense, and the Ducks are likely to exploit that. I’m not of the opinion that losing Chip Kelly hurts them a ton.

      2. I’m considering it. The only game I’m certainly going to is Syracuse at Maryland, but with BC in my backyard, it’s a priority. I actually work right by UCLA, so plan is to catch spring practice for the Bruins as well.

      3. No way I’m traveling all the way to Utah for that. I’ve got quite a few trips this year already — bachelor party, honeymoon, SU/Maryland game, Christmas — I think I’m tapped out. Haha

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