ACC Officially Releases 2013 Football Schedule

After a Long Wait This Offseason, the ACC's 2013 Football Schedule is Finally Released

After a Long Wait This Offseason, the ACC’s 2013 Football Schedule is Finally Released

FINALLY! After a long wait and a lot of shuffling around, the ACC has released its complete 2013 football schedule. No real surprises, though it’s interesting that both NC State and Florida State have bye weeks prior to facing Clemson. Also strange that Syracuse would schedule Wagner for its final out-of-conference opponent, considering that the Seahawks do not count toward the Orange’s bowl eligibility (the Northeast Conference does not offer the minimum 57 scholarships).

Rather than posting the entire schedule in one long, arduous article, I wanted to highlight the league’s Thanksgiving weekend games as an additional point of conversation. As SB Nation’s BC Interruption has noted, the ACC’s final weekend scheduling could use a bit of improvement, so I was curious what the scheduling office has done to remedy that situation. A look at that weekend’s slate of games:

November 29

Miami at Pittsburgh

November 30

Boston College at Syracuse

Clemson at South Carolina

Duke at North Carolina

Florida State at Florida

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Maryland at NC State

Virginia Tech at Virginia

Wake Forest at Vanderbilt

You can head over to the .pdf above (or head here for the logo view) to view the full schedule. Any additional thoughts; good or bad? Consider the comment section an open thread for everything schedule-related.

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4 thoughts on “ACC Officially Releases 2013 Football Schedule

  1. That final regular season weekend is about as good as it could be for 2013 (sans Notre Dame and Louisville)… IMHO.

    RE: Syracuse vs. Wagner – it would REALLY stink if ‘Cuse wins 6 games but can’t go bowling! Not smart, boys!

    • There’s developing news that the Wagner game would count; but still nothing for certain. Apparently, non-football scholarships may count toward the overall count, putting them barely over the minimum. We’ll see, though. Just hoping SU didn’t screw themselves here…

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