ACC Football Daily Links — Is North Carolina On the SEC’s Expansion Radar, And Is UNC the New Notre Dame?

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(Full credit for above graphic goes to BC Interruption‘s Brian Favat)

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Monday, February 25, 2013

UNC-to-SEC Rumors Return, and We Might’ve Found the New Notre Dame (SB Nation)

That report from earlier in the week about North Carolina having a Big Ten offer, which came from a source with a track record on the subject? It gets juicier, for those who like juicy things: Now that Notre Dame’s sort of off the conference realignment table, by way of joining-but-not-really-joining the ACC, it would appear that the Tar Heels have taken over as the program with the longest line of suitors…

Realignment Rumor-Mill: Guest Star Edition (Tomahawk Nation)

Realignment season is in full swing again. This time, we’ve got big hitters from the B1G openly discussing 20-team leagues and 9-10 game conference schedules. We have comments from Big12 commissioner Bowlsby stating that the Big12 would be ready to move if the B1G or SEC grew further…

Big Ten Expansion/ACC Apocalypse Roundtable Discussion: Two Key Points (BC Interruption)

With conference realignment rumors in full swing, Tomahawk Nation brought together a number of different realignment prognosticators from around the web to discuss Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC expansion (by picking apart the ACC, natch). Frank the Tank, The Dude of WV and Mr. SEC joined a couple of TN community members to discuss a wide range of expansion topics. While lengthy, the entire roundtable discussion is well worth the read…

Pitt-Florida State on Labor Day: It’s On (Cardiac Hill)

After some back and forth, the much anticipated Pitt-Florida State game for Labor Day appears to be on, according to the Trib-Review. To make way for the game, the Panthers have apparently canceled their game with Villanova. I was of the opinion that the schools could make their game still happen at a later date, but it’s looking like that’s off the table here…

Virginia Tech’s Corey Fuller Following in Brother’s Footsteps to the NFL (Washington Post)

Growing up in Baltimore, Corey Fuller always found himself trying to keep up with his big brother, Vince, in whatever backyard sports games he and his friends were playing.  Vince, eight years Corey’s senior, went on to play football at Virginia Tech and then in the NFL. A defensive back for the Tennessee Titans for seven seasons, and one more with the Detroit Lions,…

FSU’s Menelik Watson: From England to First-Round Pick? (CBS Sports)

We hear these stories every year here at the NFL Scouting Combine, players overcoming long odds to even get the chance to play football for a living and all the trappings that come with it. But the story of Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson might top them all. And that’s saying something…

FSU to Move LaMarcus Joyner From Safety to Cornerback (Orlando Sentinel)

If Lamarcus Joyner’s first three years were an audition for the NFL Draft, his final season could be his first-round highlight tape. That appears to be the hope, at least, for the 5-foot-8, 200-pound Florida State defensive back. When the spring football practice season begins, look for Joyner to occupy a slightly different part of the field than he has the last two seasons…

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4 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Is North Carolina On the SEC’s Expansion Radar, And Is UNC the New Notre Dame?

  1. In the Tomahawk Nation article there are 2 quotes just too juicy to pass on.

    1) When asked what they thought is the most likely result of all this realignment talk, everyone but the WVU Dude pretty said this: “the highest percentage outcome short term is probably the status quo” (i.e. nothing happens at all).

    2) When asked about their contacts, the WVU Dude made this comment: “WV is a small state with at best only 2 degrees of separation.” (that’s what happens when cousins get married!)

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist… I repent! Arghhhhhh!

    • The Dude had a lot of really interesting feedback in that piece; I’d dive in further but Brian really provided a thorough analysis of the top takeaways over on BC Interruption (above).

      I’ll allow the crack on West Virginia as well… as a Syracuse fan, it’s tough not to hate on them a little bit.

  2. Georgia Tech and Clemson need to become full time members of the SEC as a package deal. I feel very strongly about this. That way Georgia Tech could play Auburn every year in FOOTBALL as a cross divisional opponent and obtain more respect for being an SEC member once again. Clemson could compete against UGA and other great teams in the SEC. Picture this, The Georgia Tech-Auburn rivalry game could be a huge big time game like The Georgia-Florida rivalry game. Clemson might have a neutral sight game in their future if their lucky.

    • If that happened, I’d assume they’d remove the permanent cross-divisional opponent setup, no? Seven games within your division leaves just one game with the other division. Of course, with two of the three teams that leave SEC teams opposed to a nine-game schedule now within the conference walls, I guess it would make sense to adjust at that point.

      If Georgia Tech and Clemson went to the SEC, I doubt either would have much trouble generating new/old rivalries with a lot of these schools. Georgia Tech and Auburn’s rivalry would be a great one, as would Georgia and Clemson. Unfortunate that Clemson and Auburn would not be able to resume a regular series, but unfortunately, the divisional setup wouldn’t really allow it.

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