ACC Football Daily Links — Ranking the Big Ten’s Expansion/Realignment Wish List

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ranking the Big Ten’s Expansion Wish List (Athlon Sports)

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is many things, but dumb isn’t one of them. His conference snaked football blue blood and powerhouse Nebraska from the Big 12 to grow the conference in 2011. He followed that up by stealing ACC founding member Maryland and Rutgers from the fledgling Big East to grow his conference into lucrative television and recruiting territories…

What Would UNC, Virginia and Georgia Tech Bring to the Big Ten? (Land Grant Holy Land)

The rationale for expansion outside of the traditional Midwestern borders has been explained many times. Big Ten schools are at a demographic disadvantage and need access to new recruiting territories, the league wants more of that sweet, sweet TV (and secondary media) market money, raiding the ACC would bring in more superior academic research institutions, etc. Those reasons are all well and good…

ACC Restaurant Coming Soon to Raleigh-Durham Airport: Let’s Build Its Menu (SB Nation)

Yes, this is real: Think upscale dining, not a traditional sports bar. Its menu features a range of farm-to-market dishes along with entrees inspired by the home cities of ACC teams. Tastes include steak, seafood, burgers, N.C. barbecue, wraps, salads, small plates and more. There’s even a ceviche dish to enjoy! In association with ACC expert Martin Rickman, our spin on the ACC American Cafe menu…

Tom Jurich Speaks on the Clint Hurtt Situation (Card Chronicle)

Louisville football assistant Clint Hurtt received a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Wednesday in which he was charged with “unethical conduct.” U of L athletic director Tom Jurich spoke briefly with the media on the situation following his press conference to announce the naming rights for the new soccer stadium. “Clint is taking this very seriously,” Jurich said. “He’s going to dispute a lot of the items in (the NoA)…

Sizing Up the Competition: Tajh Boyd, QB Stability Put Clemson Ahead of ACC Curve (Orange and White)

Stability at the quarterback position should help give Clemson a jump-start on many of its ACC rivals this spring, as teams begin preparations for the 2013 season. Clemson, North Carolina, and Wake Forest are the only three teams that will begin the 2013 season with both returning starters and no coaching change. Wake’s Tanner Price is back for his fourth season, while both Clemson’s Tajh Boyd and UNC’s Bryn Renner are beginning their third years as starters…

What’s Going On at FSU? A Breakdown of Why So Many Assistants May Be Leaving (Orlando Sentinel)

It has been one of the most popular questions this college football offseason: “What in the world is really going on at Florida State?” At least, that’s according to my email inbox, Twitter mentions and random meetings out and about with both strangers and friends. With the words below, we’re going to attempt an answer. The short-version response to such a query, brought up because of the many recent changes…

Q&A: Boston College Coach Steve Addazio (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Boston College will be the first ACC team to open spring practice, one week from today. I had a chance to speak at length with new coach Steve Addazio about a wide variety of topics. We covered so much ground, I present a few highlights here today. Stay tuned for more from Addazio when the Eagles put the pads on next week…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Ranking the Big Ten’s Expansion/Realignment Wish List

  1. Athlon Sports doesn’t list either Texas or Kansas on the Big Ten’s wish list. REALLY? Neither is Florida, Missouri, nor Texas A&M on the list… Why not? He says himself right at the start that “The Big Ten has much to offer, namely bigger dollars than any other league in the nation by a wide margin — including the SEC”… so why are ACC teams the only power conference on the list? The SEC has neither exit fee nor GoR… That list is total garbage.

    • I’m usually a big fan of Athlon, but I’ll admit, I wasn’t overly thrilled with that list. Texas is a much bigger priority than SMU or Houston, and Syracuse would be preferred (near the bottom of the list) over Boise State. Mostly a jumble of names tossed in there, and as you said, focusing too much on ACC schools.

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