ACC Football Daily Links — Has the Big Ten Extended Invites to North Carolina and Virginia?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

B1G Dirty South Expansion (Frank the Tank’s Slant)

Conference realignment observers have been chatting about the Big Ten raiding the ACC for awhile, but there were two separate reports today from sites with fairly good track records that point to this possibly occurring sooner rather than later.  InsideMDSports, which is the site that was among the first to report that Maryland was heading to the Big Ten, has Tweeted that North Carolina has an offer…

NCAA Delivers Notice of Allegations to Miami (USA Today)

After two years spent investigating allegations of rule violations made by former booster Nevin Shapiro, the NCAA submitted a notice of allegations to Miami (Fla.) accusing the university of a “lack of institutional control,” according to a report by the Associated Press. The NCAA typically reserves its strongest penalties and sanctions for those universities that fail to adequately monitor their athletic departments…

Ranking the ACC’s College Football Coaching Jobs for 2013 (Athlon Sports)

1. Florida State: Pros: You can make the argument that Florida State offers all of the positives of Florida without the brutal competition of the SEC East. Would you rather battle Clemson, NC State and Boston College or Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina every year? Cons: Florida State has a nice following, but its fans can be on the fickle side…

Why Firing Mark Emmert Would Not Be Enough to Fix the NCAA (SB Nation)

As long as the NCAA is predicated on preserving amateurism, it will never have a functional enforcement arm. It says that it’s going to clean up its enforcement department, but that’s a lie. Sure, the names will change, but the bullshit will remain the same. NCAA investigators don’t have a lot of legal power, so they’re forced to find information through extralegal means…

Deacs’ Recruiting Quietly Making Strides (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Pop quiz: Name the Atlantic Division team that won the 2006 ACC title, played in the Orange Bowl, and then had every single starter on defense from that roster go to the NFL. If you said Wake Forest, consider yourself a true ACC fan. Not every defender from that roster was drafted, but every one signed an NFL contract, according to Wake Forest recruiting coordinator Ray McCartney…

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock Breaks Down Florida State Draft Hopefuls (Orlando Sentinel)

Chances are high that in late April during televised coverage of the NFL Draft, the words “Florida State” will be said as frequently as the words “Alabama” and “Louisiana State University.” With 13 former Seminoles making the trip this week to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, FSU has a healthy representation in this year’s draft class. It is the deepest and most talented batch of pro football hopefuls with FSU ties in a dozen years…

Timeline of Alleged Wrongdoings With Miami Hurricanes Players and NCAA Actions (Miami Herald)

2001: Miami Beach resident Nevin Shapiro pays $12,000 to become a University of Miami booster. He also becomes a “living scholar” for then seldom-used running back Willis McGahee. December 2001: Shapiro meets Vince Wilfork and Andrew Williams at the football team’s awards banquet. Following that season — which culminated in a national championship — Shapiro allegedly gives Williams gifts…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Has the Big Ten Extended Invites to North Carolina and Virginia?

  1. I think at the end of the day (which it is now), it’s clear that the Big Ten (and UNC alum Jim Delaney) WANTS the Tar Heels to join. In related news, water is wet.

    The REAL issue, IMO, is whether the Heels want to give up their position of power in the ACC to be, at best, the 6th most powerful school in the Big Ten.

    • Right. And that’s been my point to most ACC detractors. Power is a big part of the decision-making process. Why would UNC want to give all of theirs up? Makes little sense, even for a few extra bucks.

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