ACC Football Daily Links — Cincinnati Commits Stadium Spend in Bid for ACC Expansion Invite

Cincinnati Bearcats Conference Realignment Expansion 2012 2013 Nippert Stadium Spend Budget

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UC Touts Overhaul in Bid to Woo ACC (Cincinnati Enquirer)

The University of Cincinnati is about to spend its first $2 million on design for a new pavilion at Nippert Stadium, a project it’s actively pitching as it tries to win entry to a different athletic conference. In January, UC sent a video description of the $70 million project to all of the Atlantic Coast Conference presidents, the latest sign that it’s still campaigning for a spot in that league…

North Carolina Judge Refuses to Dismiss ACC Suit vs. Maryland (Baltimore Sun)

Maryland’s fight to get out of its $52 million exit fee for leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2014 took an unpleasant — but not unexpected — turn Monday when a North Carolina judge refused a motion by the school to drop a lawsuit filed by the ACC in November. The ACC sued Maryland when university officials announced in November that the school was leaving for the Big Ten after being a charter member of the ACC…

After Miami Case, NCAA Needs to Reevaluate Entire Enforcement Model (Sports Illustrated)

Julie Roe Lach worked at the NCAA for 15 years, starting as an intern and eventually rising to the prominent position of vice president of enforcement in October 2010. She spent much of the next two years spearheading a movement to overhaul the NCAA’s entire enforcement model, restructuring the staff and implementing a stiffer, more versatile penalty structure for infractions cases…

NCAA’s Botched Probe Not End for Miami (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Never mind that 13 interviews officially have been excluded from the NCAA’s original investigation into Miami. Forget that portions of 12 interviews have been excluded and “some factual allegations were entirely removed.” Don’t worry, Miami fans. Nobody will see that tainted evidence in the final report. The NCAA apparently has Wite-Out. Not enough, though, to scrap the entire case and declare a mistrial…

Will Villanova Block a Pitt-Florida State Labor Day Game (Cardiac Hill)

Wanted to get to this a bit earlier, but recently, the idea of a Labor Day season opening tilt between Pitt and Florida State was mentioned. But now the game could be in jeopardy with Villanova potentially in the way. Here’s the deal, in case you’ve missed it. Florida State has a game with Wofford scheduled for that weekend while Pitt is slated to play Villanova. Wofford has been nothing but cooperative and believes the game can be moved…

Perhaps the Talents of Syracuse Football’s Ashton Broyld Only Need Time to Marinate (

QUESTION: What happened to Ashton Broyld? It seemed like there was so much hype about him, and based on the few plays he got in during the 2012 campaign I see why. Is he still at SU and do the coaches see a future for him as a starter? — Jeremy Auyer, Charlotte, N.C. (but formerly of Liverpool, N.Y.)…

Clemson Football Recruiting Off to Strong 2014 Start (SB Nation)

Clemson football recruiting is off to a very good start for the class of 2014, which currently features five commitments. Clemson closed well in the class of 2013, and our Clemson football recruiting experts believe the 2014 class will feature at least 18 commitments. Commitments since National Signing Day: None; Decommitments since National Signing Day: None…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Cincinnati Commits Stadium Spend in Bid for ACC Expansion Invite

  1. RE: Cincinnati – I hope they do get their act together in time for an ACC invite someday; I think they would fit right in.
    RE: Maryland lawsuit – hooray for small victories! Now, let’s hope the $52M (or at least most of it) holds up, too.
    RE: NCAA investigation of Miami – let it go, NCAA… let it go.

    • I’ll admit, I led with the Cincinnati note because of the lightning rod conference realignment always manages to be. But the big story here, from an ACC perspective (the Miami situation has its own national repercussions) is the lawsuit. Granted, it was sort of expected that the North Carolina legal system would be fine with the exit fee (the ACC is a crucial part of the state’s economy after all), but it’s a strong push in the right direction toward keeping Maryland accountable, while also keeping everyone else in the fold.

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