Revisionist Realignment History: What If Syracuse Basketball Joined the ACC in 2004?

How Would Syracuse Basketball Have Fared If They'd Joined the ACC Back in 2004?

How Would Syracuse Basketball Have Fared If They’d Joined the ACC Back in 2004?

Over on Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, I’ve recently undertaken a project that basically hits “reset” on how the ACC has realigned over the past decade. As most know, it was nearly Syracuse that got one of the initial invites to the league back in 2003, not Virginia Tech, and this series of posts looks at the alternate, more-”Orange” reality where Mark Warner’s political shuffling never happened.

Since it’s a Syracuse-focused blog, obviously the emphasis will be on how the Orange perform, but it’s still a fun look at what could’ve been. In no way is this a perfectly scientific study, but with the power of and its historical simulation engine, at least we can run accurate comparisons year-by-year.

With that said, go check out today’s post, which looks at the first year — 2004-05 — and how Syracuse manages its first go-around in a new conference. As a bit of a teaser, here’s how the adjusted standings shake out:

ACC Basketball Standings, 2004-05

1. North Carolina Tar Heels (33-4) (14-2)

2. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (27-6) (13-3)

3. Syracuse Orange (30-6) (13-3)

4. Duke Blue Devils (24-6) (10-6)

5. Georgia Tech (20-12) (8-8)

6. Maryland Terrapins (19-13) (7-9)

7. Miami Hurricanes (16-13) (7-9)

8. NC State Wolfpack (22-16) (6-10)

9. Clemson Tigers (15-17) (4-12)

10. Virginia Cavaliers (13-17) (3-13)

11. Florida State Seminoles (11-20) (3-13)

Check back every week, as I’ll be doing these for both football and basketball each season, leading up to 2012.

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