ACC Football Daily Links — Does Alliance Between ACC & Big 12 Mean a Merger is Imminent?

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Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where Would Big 12-ACC Scheduling Alliance Lead? (Charlotte Observer)

Food for thought: The first steps toward creation of today’s Big 12 began with talk of a scheduling alliance between schools from the Southwest Conference and the Big Eight. Discussions led to a few football games in the early 1990s and, by the fall of 1996, teams from both leagues were playing under the Big 12 umbrella. No one is saying history will repeat itself…

ACC Division Realignment: Georgia Tech to the Atlantic? Louisville to the Coastal? (BC Interruption)

Back in November, when the ACC added Louisville as the #14 member, it was largely assumed that the Cardinals would replace the Maryland Terrapins in the ACC’s Atlantic Division. Commissioner John Swofford even intimated as much during the ACC’s press conference announcing Louisville as its latest member. “We have not had any conversations of that nature…

Predicting National Signing Day: Final Version! (State of the U)

As you can see, the board has changed quite a bit over the last week since our initial version. Things should hold steady from here on out as the dead period is upon us and kids are hiding away quietly making their final choices. As always, keep checking back here at SOTU for more NSD coverage…

What Could Have Been: Joe Flacco and Pitt (Cardiac Hill)

Watching Joe Flacco win his first Super Bowl Sunday night hurt – not just because I had to watch him beat my NFL team, the New England Patriots, in the AFC Championship game two weeks prior, but also because it brought up many thoughts of what could have been in the minds of Pitt fans. As many of you know, Flacco was initially a Pitt Panther coming out of high school…

Virginia Tech Football Coaches Will have to Push Egos to Back Burner (The Roanoke Times)

Frank Beamer met with Bryan Stinespring shortly after the season and several subsequent times to talk about the direction of Virginia Tech’s offense. It could have been an awkward conversation, with Beamer planning to replace him as offensive coordinator after Stinespring held the post for 11 years. Because of their history, it wasn’t…

BC Needs Big Signing Day (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Florida State gets all the love. Clemson gets lots of ink and so does Miami. Those three programs have stolen the ACC’s signing day show in recent years. None of those programs, though, need to have as big of a day on Wednesday as Boston College. The Eagles will likely be overshadowed again on national signing day, but if the program is going to improve under first-year coach Steve Addazio, it has to start with this class…

Backup QB Marquise Williams Not Currently Enrolled at UNC (Wilmington Star-News)

As coach Larry Fedora and his staff prepare to sign an incoming class of new recruits, it appears they now also have concerns about a player already in the North Carolina football program. According to Andrew Carter of the Raleigh News & Observer, backup quarterback Marquise Williams is not currently enrolled in classes at UNC…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Does Alliance Between ACC & Big 12 Mean a Merger is Imminent?

  1. RE: The first article from the Charlotte Observer – my position would be this: I don’t want VT to join the Big XII; however, if the best way to get a better TV contract is to form a NEW conference from the best parts of both leagues, I would be in favor of that. In other words, I have NO desire to ever play Iowa State… but let’s say you could take the best 8 teams from both conferences and form a 16-team super conference, complete with brand-new TV contract and Pac-12-style cable network… NOW we’re talkin’ (I’ll leave it to the readers to decide which are the best 8 teams from each conference; I’d also consider 6 from the Big XII and 10 from the ACC, or 7/9, or whatever. The one thing I would NOT consider is 10 from the Big XII and 6 from the ACC)

    • All I know is that I hate any merger idea that doesn’t include every team, since Syracuse would certainly be left out in a scenario like that. At the same time, don’t want a 24-team conference either.

      I think an alliance can stay separate, and be equitable for all involved, even if it means playing Iowa State every once in awhile. Nonetheless, to answer your talk about an 8 + 8 superconference:

      Big 12 (in order): Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas Tech

      ACC (in order): Notre Dame, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, Duke

      … Why this wouldn’t work: culturally asimilar schools in a forced alliance; nothing in common academically and no history athletically (save WVU). Plus, it still leaves a lot of the ACC’s best pieces on the cutting room floor. The Big 12’s a flawed conference with two flag-bearers. The ACC’s a conference full of academically and athletically strong schools, in competitive TV markets. Too many hurdles, and too many reasons to merge, and for the ACC’s best to just stay put.

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