ACC Football Daily Links — How Would Clemson & Florida State Assimilate Into the Big 12?

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big 12 Football: How to Assimilate Clemson & Florida State (The Oklahoman)

Florida State and Clemson remain conversation pieces for Big 12 expansion, should certain events transpire. I suppose it could happen. Maybe even more ACC schools would join, should that league grow shakier. But what would the Big 12 do with Florida State and Clemson? How would the Big 12 align divisions? I guess there are three options: Old South/East: It’s not really north/south or east/west…

Money Matters (ACC Football Rx)

Dennis Dodd wrote this in his article “ACC/Big 12 alliance makes sense to stiff-arm conference realignment “The ACC and Big 12 both make about the same amount per year in TV revenue — $19.8 million for the Big 12, $19.5 million for the ACC. (That is strictly TV revenue and does not include other payouts). There is a virtual army of WVU fans who’ll quickly tell you that Big XII teams get $3 million per year more than ACC teams from their TV contract…

Pitt’s Quarterback Situation For the Future Under Control (Cardiac Hill)

For the past three years, Pitt fans have complained about the team’s quarterback situation. That continued this year, even despite a solid season by Tino Sunseri. But even Sunseri’s strongest supporters have a hard time defending his ability to make big plays. While Sunseri kept Pitt in games, he often wasn’t able to bring them back from behind to win. But in 2013, the program will enter a new era at quarterback…

Fairchild Faces Difficult Task Reviving Virginia’s Long-Dormant Offense (Daily Press)

In Tom O’Brien’s six seasons as Virginia’s offensive coordinator, 1991-96, the Cavaliers never ranked below 38th nationally in scoring. Their high was 12th, in 1992, their average 26th. Steve Fairchild’s none-too-easy job: returning Virginia’s offense to that level. The Cavaliers appointed the well-traveled Fairchild on Wednesday as their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach…

Drama, the Homestretch, and the Beginning of Courtship… (From the Rumble Seat)

Hey there Tech fans, just keeping you up to date on the 2013 Football Recruiting picture. In this installment…1 week left until NSD, a duwop song turns sour, man I really hate Purdue (Tennessee kind of sucks too), and GT gets a head start on recruiting Georgia Juniors. As of this moment, I believe Tech is working with a couple of scholarship spots (one definite) ahead of NSD…

Boston College Football Recruiting: A Primer on Boston College’s National Signing Day (BC Interruption)

Creepy Old Guys Stalking 17-Year Olds Day is next week, you guys. That’s right. It’s National Signing Day 2013 wooooo! BC Interruption, specifically A.J, will keep you updated on all the current goings on between now and next Wednesday, February 6. So where does Boston College stand with the 2013 class with just one week to go before NSD? National Signing Day: Wednesday, February 6, 2013…

Xavieran HS Football and Track Standout Laray Smith Tries to Pick a College That Will Accommodate His Interest in Both Sports (New York Daily News)

Laray Smith has a good problem, sort of like having too much money or too many girlfriends. A standout at Xaverian in both football and track, Smith is having a hard time picking a college to accommodate his interest in both sports. Initially, Smith was sold on the idea of playing football at Syracuse. But that was before coach Doug Marrone left to become the new coach of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — How Would Clemson & Florida State Assimilate Into the Big 12?

    • Yeah, can’t say I’m a fan.

      By the way, Mark, forgot to bookmark your article last night, so it wasn’t in the original links — but I have updated the post now to include your “Money Matters” piece. It’s some really great stuff, and I wanted to make sure others educated themselves a bit on the television revenue piece of all this.

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