ACC Football Daily Links — Reasons Why North Carolina and Virginia Aren’t Looking to Leave the Conference

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big 12 and ACC Relations: Alliance or Raid? (Frank the Tank’s Slant)

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby came out of a meeting with his conference’s athletic directors on Monday with some standard general non-news about any possible expansion plans.  However, he reinforced some reports that the Big 12 was evaluating alliances with different conferences, including the ACC.  Why would the Big 12 openly suggest an alliance with a conference that many believe would be the primary target for a raid?…

Important Hire Looms for Mike London (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Considering Bill Lazor’s history with the NFL — and his flirtations with the league last year — it should come as no surprise that he left his job as Virginia’s offensive coordinator to join the Philadelphia Eagles. It seemed inevitable. The hire of former NC State coach Tom O’Brien as associate head coach probably didn’t do much to sway Lazor to stay, given that move could have blurred the chain of command…

Dabo Swinney Determined to Make the Most of His NFL “Window” (Orange and White)

Sometime during the next month or so, between signing day and the beginning of spring practice, Tajh Boyd will sit down with his coaches for an in-depth evaluation of his development as a quarterback. Boyd didn’t decide to return to Clemson to tread water. If he’s to lead the Tigers to a championship in 2013, he knows he’ll have to play at the highest level…

What’s Left for Louisville (Cardinal Authority)

The University of Louisville football program continues to enjoy impressive momentum, securing two verbal commitments during the last two days. Three-star linebacker Keith Kelsey (Gainesville, Fla.) announced at his high school on Monday morning, while three-star offensive lineman Cameron Fraser (Phenix City, Ala.) pledged to the Cardinals on Tuesday…

The SEC vs. Big Ten: Who Gets the Duke Blue Devils? (Rant Sports)

In this new wild west era of conference realignment some schools are paying stiff fines to jump ship and land in a more lucrative conference. Both the Big Ten and the SEC have recently added new members who have paid dividends in recruiting, fans and the thing we all like-money. When the Big Ten added the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2011 they expanded their reach and gained a school with a strong following and great traditions…

Not Fair to Give Pitt Flak About Flacco (Pittsburgh Gazette)

It’s easy to rip on Pitt football in so many ways. The program hasn’t lost fewer than three games in any season since 1981. That’s a lot of mediocrity. But it’s flat wrong to criticize Pitt for its handling of Joe Flacco. Those who do are practicing revisionist history. Flacco is on top of the sports world this week, getting ready to lead the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night in Super Bowl XLVII…

Faith Moved Virginia Tech Line Coach Grimes to Adopt Ethiopian Child (Daily Press)

Naturally, Virginia Tech’s introduction last week of three new football staff members centered on football philosophy, background and impressions of Hokies personnel. Words and phrases such as “toughness” and “nickel packages” and “mechanics” were common…

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6 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Reasons Why North Carolina and Virginia Aren’t Looking to Leave the Conference

  1. Good articles..but I am at a loss as to what Mr. Swofford is doing. Not a peep out of the commissioner in over a month…nothing on alliances, expansion, lawsuit, TV renegotiation with ND association, nor TV network. Why is he hiding….nothing to say is worrisome.

    • I actually don’t mind when Swofford’s MIA… usually means something’s up (in a good way). Would have to agree, though, would like to see something from him regarding the television deal and the Big 12 alliance. But again, hearing nothing may mean he’s already working on it.

  2. John, I agree with you; however, this is a very long time with many issues and one-sided information coming out. For example, Swarbrick in CBSSport article alluded to ACC getting nearly as many $$$ as Big 12…but that was last of that statement that Dodds said he heard from one other….seems like the ACC is not putting up a fight…..damn….maybe ‘Cuse goes back to BE.

    • Why would ‘Cuse ever go back to the Big East? That’s not even in the conversation right now…

      With CBS article, Swarbrick alluded to an increase, but nothing more. As part of negotiations like these, the parties involved are unlikely to be able to share intimate details on what happens behind closed doors. Remarks like Swarbrick’s, however, are calculated leaks by Notre Dame and the ACC — revealing bits and pieces of what’s happening, without violating the terms of negotiation.

      Again, agree that it would be nice if Swofford shared more. But at the same time, if he doesn’t have time for public addresses, it likely means he’s taking care of business and the concerns that fans have. There’s been hardly any one-sided information thrown out there, beyond the Big 12’s alliance thoughts (which were a small part of their larger conference meetings this week). Anything else on the expansion front has come completely from WVU “insiders” and typical web rumor-mongers. If I’m Swofford and I’ve got something cooking, I tell the people that need to know (my own schools) and then keep plugging away.

  3. Swofford strikes me as being both overconfident and clueless. For example, he ignored Maryland’s concerns about losing its home-and-away series with Duke and UNC. The home-and-away series should have been left intact until Maryland developed a rivalry with Pittsburgh and Syracuse. I also think Swofford should invite Johns Hopkins as a lacrosse-only member to setback B1G’s plans of developing lacrosse.

    As for UNC, I think it’s content being a big fish in a small pond. Plus I don’t think the NC legislature would permit either UNC or NC State to leave the ACC without knowing what impact their departure would have on Duke, Wake Forest, the Research Triangle, the ACC (headquartered in Greensboro), and the state.

    • I think Swofford may have been overconfident prior to Maryland’s departure, but that view’s likely gone away. As for the home-and-homes with both UNC and Duke, what was he supposed to do? Can’t keep both (or in some cases, either). Have to do what makes the most sense for the entire league in terms of scheduling.

      Definitely don’t endorse inviting Hopkins, if only because the B1G’s already involved with them. If it hadn’t been for that, would absolutely endorse bringing them in the fold in order to get to six teams in lacrosse. They have strong rivalries with UVA and Syracuse already, and would be able to grow some hostility with the other schools. Though not on the same level, the ACC does already have a partial member (Notre Dame), and I’d assume they’d like to avoid bringing another into the fold.

      As for UNC, the Heels or Wolfpack leaving has no effect on Duke or Wake as far as the state is concerned — UNC and NC State are part of N.C.’s college system, while the other two aren’t. But that said, the concerns over the research triangle and the ACC would be well documented. The state would have little ability to stop them, but it would certainly come up if the Heels ever chose to leave.

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