ACC Football Daily Links — Miami Investigation On Hold As NCAA Uncovers Improper Conduct By Enforcement Officers

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The NCAA President Drops a Bombshell on the Miami Investigation (State of the U)

Hoo boy. This…this is just….well it’s not good. On Wednesday morning, the NCAA president, Mark Emmert, released information regarding their enforcement staff and how they handled the Miami investigation. However, the news was aimed at themselves rather than at Coral Gables: The NCAA national office has uncovered an issue of improper conduct within its enforcement program that occurred during the University of Miami investigation…

Too Early to Tell How Case Will Affect Miami (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

The good news for Miami: The NCAA’s royal screw-up could leave some holes in its investigation into Miami’s athletic department. The bad news for Miami: It’s going to take even longer to find out how much — if at all — Miami will really benefit from this news. A messy investigation just got even uglier, and there’s no question it’s going to prolong much-anticipated closure for Miami…

Maryland Must Solve Clouded QB Situation to Improve in 2013 (Rant Sports)

Forgive Maryland if it would like to forget the second half of the 2012 season. It was a disaster for the Terrapins. After starting the season 4-2 overall, including 2-0 in the ACC, Maryland lost its final six to finish a disappointing 4-8 and miss the postseason for the second straight year…

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State Try to Retain 2013 Recruiting Class (Sports Illustrated)

Emerging from the figurative rubble, Jimbo Fisher peeked out to find a nearly empty coaching office. When the dust had settled from this season’s coaching carousel, Florida State managed to hold on to its head coach, but his staff was down five assistants. It was a major loss when defensive coordinator Mark Stoops left to fill the head coaching vacany at Kentucky…

A Pitt Fan’s Guide to Life in the ACC (Cardiac Hill)

As a Pitt alumnus and fan living in the heart of ACC country for the last three years, I feel like an expert on all things Atlantic and Coastal. Not really, but I’ve made a few observations Pitt fans should taken into account. Today, I’m here to give you all a handy guide to life in the ACC. With the announcement of Pitt’s 2013 ACC schedule causing Pitts fans to salivate over the prospects of not playing Rutgers and Cincinnati ever again…

With Signing Day Closing In, Maryland Enters Relatively Quiet Football Recruiting Stretch Run (Testudo Times)

Buckle in: there are now officially a mere two weeks standing between us and the annual holy grail of football recruiting, National Signing Day. You can expect that fortnight to be a hectic one for every school across the country, Maryland included, but I’d be lying if I said the Terps were gearing up for a frantic finish…

Reports: Florida State Assistant James Coley Has Offer to Coach at Miami (Orlando Sentinel)

Florida State offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach James Coley has reportedly been offered a similar position by the Miami Hurricanes. Recruiting-based website first reported Wednesday night that sources have indicated Coley has an offer to be Miami’s top offensive assistant under head coach Al Golden. He reportedly is mulling a $500,000 salary offer, as well…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Miami Investigation On Hold As NCAA Uncovers Improper Conduct By Enforcement Officers

  1. Another bit worth reading from yesterday is Dan Wetzel’s column about the NCAA fools and about money in college athletics.

    The column is titled “NCAA’s mishandling of Miami case reason for college athletes to get endorsement deals” and can be found here.

  2. Terps have six quarterbacks on the roster for next year. That had BETTER be enough. Sheesh.

    As for the Miami case and the NCAA screw-up … wow. Not even sure what to say. Some heads should roll for this mess. I guess it may be good for Miami as far as that is concerned … but the whole thing is ridiculous.

    • The way the NCAA botched that investigation should be the nail in the coffin when proving how much of a joke that entity is. At this point, the power conferences really should just break off, pay the athletes and put an end to this. No point answering to an inconsistent figurehead organization that can’t even keep its own house in order.

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