ACC Football Daily Links — Doug Marrone Leaves Orange for Buffalo Bills; Is Syracuse In Trouble?

Doug Marrone NFL Buffalo Bills Syracuse Head Coach Orange Leaves Departure

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Monday, January 7, 2013

44 Random Thoughts on Doug Marrone Leaving Syracuse for Buffalo (Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician)

1. Man, if we can’t get Doug Marrone to stay at Syracuse for more than four seasons, who CAN we get to do it? 2. Doug Marrone leaves Syracuse as the best .500 coach in school history. 3. Doug Marrone coached only three more games at Syracuse than Greg Robinson. Something ain’t right about that. 4. Obviously, Scott Shafer is the only guy qualified to step up internally. But is he interested?…

ACC’s Bowl Season Will Help Improve Conference’s Image (Cardiac Hill)

While Pitt is still preparing for their upcoming bowl game this weekend, the Panthers’ future conference, the ACC, has finished up its bowl season following the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day. The conference wasn’t projected to have a successful bowl season – the league only had two teams that were favored in their bowl games (Virginia Tech and Florida State) – yet the ACC finished a respectable 4-2…

ACC Wins Bowls, But Gets Little Attention (Charlotte Observer)

Big wins in college football are like standup comedy, timing is everything. If you told the ACC in August, it would end the season with bowl wins against Southern California, the preseason No. 1, Louisiana State, preseason No. 3, and an elusive BCS bowl win, the beleaguered league would take it and celebrate without asking any questions. That’s just what happened to the ACC…

ACC Football Results Don’t Match League’s Talent (Tallahassee Democrat)

Paying attention to this weekend’s NFL playoffs? Surely, you remember the names. Right? Matt Schaub, the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans? He played for the University of Virginia.Matt Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons’ starting quarterback? He played for Boston College. Russell Wilson, the rookie-sensation quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks?…

A Tombstone Landmark: Have the Tigers Really Turned the Corner This Time? (Orange and White)

Dabo Swinney called Clemson’s victory over LSU “a landmark win.” My first thought was, ‘Let’s not get carried away here.’ I remember a few years ago, same bowl, same venue, another highly-ranked SEC opponent, and an equally impressive victory by a Clemson team striving for elite status in the world of college football…

Reality Check: So How Good Are We Going to Be Really? (Card Chronicle)

So, James Quick has committed to the Cardinals, which guarantees us a BCS berth and an outside shot at a national title, right? NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND. Quick is obviously a tremendous talent, but he joins the deepest group on the team, a wide receiving corps that returns everyone but Andrell Smith and Scott Radcliff, and gains a hopefully full strength Michalee Harris…

Five Virginia Tech Football Players That Will Be Asked to Provide A Lot More Next Season (Daily Press)

While speculation about impending changes to Virginia Tech’s offensive assistant coaching staff continues to gain steam, there are a few players on both sides of the ball that don’t need direction from coaches to know they need to make improvements for Tech to bounce back next season. Getting a handle on the issues that plagued Tech in a season that ended with a 7-6 record will require certain players to play at a higher level…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Doug Marrone Leaves Orange for Buffalo Bills; Is Syracuse In Trouble?

  1. Unfortunately, Syracuse is absolutely in trouble. Doug Marrone seemed like the perfect fit for the Orange, and he is gone after 4 seasons. Now just as the Syracuse Football programs seems to be finally turning itself around, it is in serious danger of falling back into irrelevance, perhaps for good. If Syracuse wants to avoid going the way of Duke, then the decision on the next football coach is critical. You broke my heart Doug.

  2. I know Marrone won, but do you wish now that Syracuse would have hired Turner Gill four years ago, and do you hope they’ll bring him back? I know everyone brings up Gill getting fired at KU after 2 years, but they had no talent when he got there and they were in three of his last four games. He’s worth another try.

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