ACC Football Daily Links — UConn Still Can’t Figure Out Why It’s Left Out of the ACC’s Realignment Plans

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday! And for those who don’t celebrate, hope your holiday season is going well as we turn our attention toward the new year.

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snubbed and Abandoned: The ACC Keeps Rejecting UConn While Charter Big East Members Flee to Other Conferences (Hartford Courant)

In April 2011, UConn was on top of the college sports world. The men’s basketball team, led by Kemba Walker, had just won an improbable national title, the third for coach Jim Calhoun. Geno Auriemma’s women’s team had made it to the Final Four yet again. Even the football team got into the act that January, reaching a major bowl for the first time, the Fiesta Bowl, even if it did get blown out by Oklahoma…

Don’t Expect Much From the ACC This Season (The Oklahoman)

There are few certainties in bowl season. But here are two. The SEC wins the Big Bowl. And the Atlantic Coast Conference will stink. In the last five years, the ACC is 14-28 in bowl games. Only five of the 14 wins came against teams from the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12. The majority of the ACC’s wins have come against the likes of Navy, East Carolina, Nevada and the Big East…

Clemson Statistical Expectations and Performance: Regular Season (Shakin’ the Southland)

Starting with the defense–even with realistic and unambitious expectations set forth (Top 40 goals, with stretch goals to get to Top 20), the 2012 version of the Tiger defense did not meet those expectations in most categories. It was certainly a season of frustration when the opponent had the ball for most of the season…

A Tevin Washington Retrospective (From the Rumble Seat)

As the 2012 season comes to a close, far below expectations as we all know, so with it comes to close of the career of the starting QB of the Yellow Jackets since the middle of the 2010 season. Tevin Washington has been there through a lot…two ACC Championship games, an ACC scoring record for QBs, big wins and losses, and what’s about to be his 4th bowl game…

Red Zone Success, Opportunities Key Against LSU (Orange and White)

Scoring in the red zone is the expectation – getting six the majority of the time is the standard. Clemson hasn’t had a problem with that, maintaining that success come New Year’s Eve could tip the scales in an even matchup. Chad Morris’ offensive unit is sixth nationally in red zone touchdown rate (75 percent) among teams with 50 or more opportunities…

Duke’s Desmond Scott Among Those Capturing Christmas Spirit With Generous Gesture (Wilmington Star-News)

Too often these days, we are confronted with disturbing stories of athletes behaving badly. The truth is, however, that for every one that gets in trouble, there are dozens of others who play by the rules and do things the right way. Then there are those that go above and beyond the call of duty to help others and give back to the communities in which they live…

Virginia Tech’s Antone Exum Gives Back This Holiday Season (Orlando Sentinel)

Antone Exum won’t forget those smiles any time soon. He has the picture to remind him of that time when he gave three random strangers a special Christmas gift. Three boys from the Bahamas who happened to be in a Best Buy in Orlando were the recipients of Exum’s generosity Tuesday night. He offered to buy them anything in the store…

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8 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — UConn Still Can’t Figure Out Why It’s Left Out of the ACC’s Realignment Plans

  1. Some nice finds here.

    As for the UConn story – I think they answer their own question, but if not, they need to read the 2nd story…

    As for the ACC bowl story (from OK) – haters hate, trollers troll, and Big XII teams wish they had the big tv markets like the ACC does (which is why they keep beating the drums, IMO)

    • Typical Big 12. Trammel, Swaim, The Dude et al; I get why they’re proud of their league — we certainly are over here as well. But if you only read them, you’d think the ACC would and/or will collapse 19 times before the start of the next season. It’s not impossible, mind you. But I think the ACC’s more stable than advertised. Won’t deny the fact that the league may do poorly this bowl season, though. Just no reason to call it out over in Big 12 country.

  2. The ACC is a very weak football league that will get much weaker after Miami is decimated by sanctions. It is burdened by several institutions that will never win 7-8 games consistently. Why? Because they have never built a football fan base that demands football excellence. Expectations are perennially low. Those weak programs are seen as a collective drag on other programs that demand and expect more from their football teams. Those high expectation programs want to play good teams that think like they do. That will require a conference change; so they will change. At that point, who wants the mediocrity left behind? Nobody. The huge variation in football culture and commitment among ACC schools dooms the conference long term. The outcome is inevitable./

    • Hmmm. So I guess Ohio St, Michigan, Penn St and Nebraska will also inevitably leave behind teams like Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, etc. because of the mediocrity in the Big Ten? After all, it’s “a very weak football league that will get much weaker after [Penn State] is decimated by sanctions”
      Or maybe USC and Oregon will want to escape the Pac-12 because it’s burdened with “several institutions” which “never built a football fan base that demands football excellence” (Pac-12 has much weaker fan bases than the ACC)?

      In the long run the conference that’s in trouble is the Big XII because the only thing holding that conference together is recent success – which translated into $$$. That won’t continue indefinitely. Texas Tech and Kansas State were only successful because of a single coach; Leach is gone and Snyder can’t coach forever. Kansas has already flopped without Mangino. TCU and WVU brought impressive looking resumes from weaker leagues but can’t keep up. Once TV ratings begin to fall again (and they WILL), the Big 12 is toast (IMO).

      • The ACC is not the Big 10 ($35 million per team TV and visitors’ gate per year) or the PAC 12 ($22 million). The average TV audience for a PAC 12 game is 3X the ACC and more than 10,000 fans attend the average PAC 12 game than ACC game. The mediocre Big 10 schools still draw 65,000 per game when the mediocre teams play one another, and 100,000 when a big time program is involved. As for the Big 12, it is the next weakest after the ACC, but they have 10 years of media rights transferred so Texas and Oklahoma cannot leave. The Big 12 is not going anywhere.

        The ACC has a $50 million buyout per team because it thinks it needs it to keep the league from imploding. The ACC is toast, and will be decimated by departures and backfilling with the Big East current and future members. The ACC of 2014 will be the Big East of 2007 plus Wake Forest, NCS, Miami (no one wants Miami), and Duke. UVA and Georgia Tech will be in the Big 10. Clemson and FSU will be in the Big 12. Virginia Tech and UNC will be in the SEC.

    • You’ve hit on some fair points in terms of where the ACC struggles; that I’ll admit. But to say that the league’s downfall is inevitable is pure conjecture. I’ve always been of the mindset that teams would prefer to stay in an improved version of their current conference than leave for a slightly better situation, and this certainly applies to the ACC’s football-focused teams.

  3. Dude, I don’t know where you are getting those numbers, but they are WAY off!

    “Big 10 ($35 million per team TV and visitors’ gate per year)” – most reliable number I’ve seen for TV is $21 million average per team; I seriously doubt gate averages $13M (maybe Ohio State does, but that was my point! Ohio State stands out)

    “The average TV audience for a PAC 12 game is 3X the ACC” – FALSE; ACC has better TV ratings than Pac 12 on average, and even the BEST Pac 12 games only match or slightly exceed top ACC games.

    “…and more than 10,000 fans attend the average PAC 12 game than ACC game” – again, FALSE. Pac 12 attendance is not that good. Please check again, and don’t compare USC vs. Wake Forest (actually, you can compare Wake with Washington State or Stanford if you wish)

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