ACC Football Daily Links — ACC’s Move to Add Louisville Has Plenty of Detractors

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pitiful Championship Game, Addition of Louisville Show ACC’s Impaired Vision (Orlando Sentinel)

It’s no wonder you can get a pair tickets to the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game for the price of a bottle of shampoo, a disposable razor and a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. No, really, tickets for Saturday’s ACC title game between Florida State and Georgia Tech are selling online for as low as $3, which is no surprise considering what a punch line the ACC has become as a football league…

The ACC’s Missed Opportunity (Cardiac Hill)

I know that this site is dedicated to all things “Pitt”. And I know in some circles that mentioning the name of a certain school to the south brings forth such vile and animosity that their name is better left unsaid. However, in this case, I’m going to do the unthinkable. I’m going to talk about West Virginia in a positive light…

Rich Louisville Going to Get Richer in ACC (ESPN Playbook)

Joining the ACC not only means the University of Louisville will be in a more stable conference, it also means the Cardinals are poised to become one of the most profitable athletic departments in the country. Louisville’s athletic department saw net profits in 2010-11 that ranked behind only 20 other public FBS schools, according to NCAA financial disclosures…

Now What? Maryland, the ACC, and the $52,226,342 Fight (Testudo Times)

Editor’s note: Maryland and the ACC are now-famously embroiled in a legal battle over the conference’s $50mil (roughly) exit fee, with a suit being filed Monday by the conference to make sure Maryland pays in full within 30 days of joining the Big Ten in 2014. But unless you’re a lawyer -and we’ve had several discussing it in the comments already – this type of stuff can get pretty tricky and tough to understand…

FSU Win Over GT Not a ‘Gimme’ (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Georgia Tech A-back Orwin Smith isn’t blind to the perception of this game. He knows Florida State has been penned in (not penciled) by many to play in the Discover Orange Bowl long before the season even began. He knows the Seminoles are a two-touchdown favorite. And he knows many outside the program scoff at Georgia Tech’s back-door entrance into the Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game, thanks to Miami declaring itself ineligible…

What About Cincinnati? Realignment Maybe Leaves Behind Big East’s Best Program (SB Nation)

In September, I began work on a story about the uncertain, hopeful future of Big East football. That moment was between the start of the season, during which negotiations were ongoing between commissioner Mike Aresco and TV networks, and the defections of Rutgers to the Big Ten and Louisville to the ACC. The narrative was to center around the Oct. 26th Keg of Nails game between one-loss Cincinnati and undefeated Louisville…

Should Logan Thomas Turn Pro? (Gobbler Country)

Logan Thomas is probably going to go down as one of the best quarterbacks to wear the uniform in Blacksburg. He’s not greater than Tyrod Taylor, who is in a class of his own. But as Taylor’s backup, Thomas was handed the key to the offense when he left the school to turn pro. I remember the first time I watch Logan Thomas taking the snap…

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