ACC Football Daily Links — UConn, Louisville Continue Sales Pitches for ACC Expansion

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Louisville Would Be Perfect Addition to ACC (Fox Sports Carolinas)

As the anger from traditionalists subsides about Maryland’s decision to leave 60 years of ACC affiliation for the Big Ten, the ACC must get to work finding a replacement. This should be a quick and relatively painless process if the ACC handles this properly.
Not on the board is West Virginia, which moved to the Big 12 a year ago. The Big 12 owns the television rights for 13 years to any school that leaves…

ACC Expansion: Louisville or Connecticut for #14? (BC Interruption)

So this is kind of awkward. Louisville or Connecticut? Who ya got as the ACC’s #14? Let us put aside personal differences for a moment with our frenemies down in Storrs. Yes, the school, led by then Attorney General Richard Blumental, sued Boston College back in 2003 and named the school’s President, a Jesuit who took a vow of poverty for Christ’s sake, in the lawsuit. Forget all that for a moment…

The NCAA’s Investigation Takes an Insulting, and Foreboding, Turn (State of the U)

Here we are again, people. Just when we thought that the second consecutive bowl ban would, in a way, signal that maybe the NCAA’s investigation was wrapping up, something ugly rears it’s head. Barry Jackson over at the Miami Herald had the story this morning. Basically, the NCAA sent a letter to former players who have not spoken with them, giving them until Friday to speak with NCAA investigators…

Seven Steps for Surviving Your School’s Conference Realignment (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

So your school just jumped aboard the conference realignment carousel. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re part of a small but growing list of academic institutions that traded in a century of tradition for better game times on Saturday. Conference realignment is a strange process that brings out a lot of complicated emotions in people connected to your school and people who have absolutely nothing to do with your school…

Failing Up: Maryland Leaves the ACC (SB Nation Atlanta)

If there were one concept that I would graft from international soccer onto American sports, it would be promotion and relegation. It is a simple concept. In a sport, you have multiple levels. At the end of a season, the bottom 2-3 teams get dropped into the next division down and are replaced by the same number of top finishers from the lower league…

Florida and Florida State Rise Again (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Back in March, I did a three-city tour around Florida, stopping in Gainesville, Tallahassee and Miami with a very serious question: When will the state of Florida rise again? At the time, Florida State finished 2011 as the top-ranked team among the Big Three, at No. 23. Will Muschamp was getting heat from Florida fans after a disappointing season. Miami was under the cloud of an NCAA investigation. (And still is)…

Recruits React to Maryland’s Big Ten Move (Baltimore Sun)

Among the first questions asked about Maryland’s move to the Big Ten Conference: how will it affect recruiting, especially among local prospects? We caught up with a bunch of them following Monday’s announcement, and here’s what they had to say. Romelo Trimble, 2014 basketball prospect: “I was a little bit disappointed. The ACC is the best conference in the NCAA but the Big 10 is also a good conference…

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