ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 12: University of Maryland

After Officially Announcing Their Departure From the ACC, the University of Maryland is This Week’s Goat

No one enjoys piling on when things go wrong. But nonetheless, we’ve got to call out the ACC players who were counter-productive in helping their teams grab a victory this weekend. On the bright side for them, they can always get off this list next week. And for their sake, let’s hope they do.

ACC Goat of the Week, Week 12: University of Maryland

I won’t make this overly bitter, because I’m honestly not overly bitter. Maryland ran its athletic department at a loss for far too long, and this was a way to remedy the issue. Anytime you can double the amount of money you take home, it’s a worthwhile decision, so for that, I commend the university. But it still results in a negative outcome for the ACC, which is why they end up listed here. With luck, the conference can soon make its decision on who will replace the Terps and then everything can continue as normal, with no additional defections. But until that point, this is rough for the ACC. Despite the fact that the conference may very well finish with two teams in the BCS top 10, and will subsequently send them to lucrative bowl games, there’s now a glaring black-eye on the year. And it has nothing to do with what happened on the field (which was its own respective disaster, outside of Clemson and Florida State‘s respective seasons). More than anything, it’s just a shame to see them go.

Honorable Mention:

Chase Rettig, QB/Boston College (13/30 passing, 129 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT)

Wake Forest Demon Deacons offense (209 total yards)

Maryland Terrapins rushing attack (20 attempts, 66 yards)

Duke Blue Devils defense (allowed 42 points, 330 rushing yards)

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4 thoughts on “ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 12: University of Maryland

  1. Your point about not being overly bitter is a very good one. No one in the ACC seems to be that bitter about Maryland leaving. It is more sad and confusing. UMD can be replaced in both football and basketball, so I think the ACC will be OK. I get why UMD left, for $, but I do not get why the Big 10 would want them. This whole thing is just bizarre. It is interesting though how it appears that no one in the ACC really cares that much that it is Maryland who is leaving.

    • I guess since it’s just one team right now, and there’s still plenty of history and founding members left, people aren’t that concerned. And while I’m disappointed to see the Terps go, I am not overly worried about their departure. The future, however, is what really concerns me, and that’s where the impact of this will truly be felt. If Maryland’s departure leads to an exodus for other schools, then this ends up mattering a whole lot more.

  2. When I thought about fiercest rivalries in the ACC, or even involving ACC teams, when I got to Maryland I got nothing… Virginia? A clam bake. WVU? Pitt and VT are more rivals than Maryland will ever be. The only “rival” I ever came up with for the Terps was… Navy.

    • I’d say that’s fair. Maryland’s suffered from similar issues as Syracuse, failing to really grasp on to a true rival. Many Terps fans believe that rival is WVU, but the ‘Neers already hate Pitt too much for that to be true.

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