ACC Football Daily Links — Can Wake Forest Pull Off the Upset Versus No. 3 Notre Dame?

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Why the Notre Dame Game Could Be the Biggest in Wake History, and Why It Won’t Matter (Blogger So Dear)

Allow me to preface this article by saying that I want nothing more than the Deacs to win on Saturday. I’m pretty sure I’d give up bowls for the next three years if it meant Wake Forest defeating a top 5, undefeated, legendary program this late in the season in their own stadium. Heck, it would mean that Wake Forest, of all schools, could have serious implications in the National Championship Game…

Tech Offense Seeking More Versus Duke (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Sunday morning, Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee and guard Shaquille Mason went to the Tech training room for treatment, then, as they always do, went to the football offices to review the previous day’s game video. The environment is not so much cold-blooded analysis as it is two buddies kicking back. “He’ll say, ‘Oh, look at me get this block,’” Lee said. Then, “I give him props on the blocks”…

Syracuse Quarterback Ryan Nassib: First-Round Pick? (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Go give this radio report by Z89’s Kevin Fitzgerald a listen and get to know just how many NFL experts and other folks seem to think it’s not a question of whether or not Syracuse Orange QB Ryan Nassib will be drafted, but when. And that “when” might just be the first round if he keeps this up. Certainly a lot of biased folks talking up Ryan there, but also a lot of folks who aren’t biased…

Markus: So, Good Thing Maryland Didn’t Hire Mike Leach, Huh? (Testudo Times)

I was going to stick this in the MM today, but after I wrote about three paragraphs on it I realized it probably deserved its own post. That’s despite the knowledge that, yeah, there’s a 95% chance this ends up an terrible flame war that’s hell to moderate. Still, it’s probably a conversation worth having, not least because the decision not to hire Mike Leach – who was the desired choice of 97% of the fanbase…

For Wolfpack QB Mike Glennon, Best Still Yet to Come (News & Observer)

For Halloween, Mike Glennon wore a pair of khakis, a black mock turtleneck with an N.C. State logo on its collar, a white N.C. State hat, sunglasses and a headset. When Glennon crossed his arms and stared into the camera, he looked like a junior version of the man he was impersonating, Wolfpack coach Tom O’Brien. “I’ve been saying that since my freshman year that I’d do it,” said Glennon, explaining his costume…

Trick Plays Becoming Bigger Parts of Miami Hurricanes Offense (Miami Herald)

Before he tossed an 8-yard touchdown pass to Allen Hurns last week at Virginia, Hurricanes freshman running back Duke Johnson was having a hard time convincing coaches the trick play was a good idea. But offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said this week he believed that “when it was a prime-time situation’’ Johnson would deliver…

FSU’s Deep, Diverse Receivers are Living Up to Preseason Play-Making Promise (Orlando Sentinel)

College football fans, they tried to warn you. They aren’t so sure you listened. In August, as Florida State’s entire team fielded its share of hype and early acclaim for what promised to be a championship-worthy season, players from one specific position group issued proclamations that largely went overlooked. Sophomore receiver Rashad Greene minced no words. “We’re unstoppable,” he said. “You can’t just focus on one guy…

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Can Wake Forest Pull Off the Upset Versus No. 3 Notre Dame?

  1. Interesting article regarding Leach and Maryland. He was well-wanted by a lot of Terp fans, but one wonders if he would have done any better (or worse) at Maryland than he is doing at Washington State.

    I’m happy with the progress Edsall has made regarding recruiting and improvements in academics. I think next year though, we all expect to see much more improvement on the field. He’s been given a pass by some this year because of the crazy injury situation (although that is something that also needs to be addressed – figure out what the problem is there and fix it).

    • You’re right. Rash of injuries could potentially link back to some bigger issues for the coaching staff — namely strength and conditioning. Obviously, it’s not the entire issue, but better strength training likely prevents a few of those ACL tears (maybe? I’m not an expert).

      I think next year’s team is poised to have a pretty solid season. I could see six or seven wins if everyone stays healthy. This year’s group was on track for that with less experience.

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