ACC Football Daily Links — Big East Waiting on Notre Dame to Decide Exit Timeline

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big East Commissioner: Ball in ND’s Court (ESPN’s Big East Blog)

Mike Aresco is a Catholic, so Notre Dame fans shouldn’t read anything into his slip of the tongue Tuesday when discussing the Irish’s move from the Big East to the ACC. “Our feeling is, we’re kind of agnostics at this point,” the first-year Big East commissioner said. “We’re happy to have them for three seasons. That’s a good play on words”…

Roundtable: Will Wake Forest Make a Bowl Game? (Blogger So Dear)

There are two games left on the schedule, the first a nationally-televised tilt against undefeated Notre Dame in South Bend. The second is a home contest on Thanksgiving weekend against Vanderbilt, already bowl eligible and taking on Tennessee for revenge this week. It was time to take to the staff and pose the question: will this Wake Forest football team, 5-5 on the year, win one more game to become bowl eligible…

The 10 Wildest Games in ACC History (Fox Sports Carolinas)

In honor of the exploding scoreboard at the Georgia Tech-North Carolina game this past weekend, it seemed fitting to take a look at the 10 wildest ACC football games ever played. The Maryland-Miami game from 1984 is included because of the magnitude of the comeback and that the Hurricanes were in the ACC two decades later…

NC State Will Test Clemson’s Improving Defense (Orange and White)

Over the last month, a beleaguered Clemson defense has improved markedly. The Tigers are allowing 169 yards rushing per game for the season, 75th nationally; a month ago, the average was 202 yards per game, 102nd nationally. In that same time span, Clemson’s scoring defense has gone from 71st to 33rd nationally, and its total defense from 96th to 57th…

Cleaning Up the ACC’s Bowl Mess (Duke Chronicle)

Winter is coming. And for the first time in 18 years, winter does not mean an early end to the college football season for Duke. In just 18 days, the Blue Devils will receive an invitation to play in their first bowl game since 1994. Not only will this mark the culmination of Duke’s most successful season in two decades, but it will also unscramble the ACC into its final postseason alignment…

Boston College Football: List of 2013 Head Coaching Candidates (BC Interruption)

DISCLAIMER: This is just a preliminary list of coaches to get the conversation going, written with no inside information whatsoever. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Hot Shot College Coordinators: Bob Diaco, Defensive Coordinator, Notre Dame — Diaco is the current defensive coordinator at Notre Dame, having held that position since 2010…

UVA Linebacker Steve Greer Tackles Every Challenge Thrown at Him (Roanoke Times)

On more than one occasion Saturday against Miami, either Steve Greer was going to make a tackle or it would be 10 or 15 yards before another Virginia defender had a chance. Middle linebacker Greer hadn’t received the coaches’ grades when he met with the media earlier this week, but when asked if he had missed a tackle, he responded, “I don’t think so”…


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