ACC Football Daily Links — Thursday Night Comeback Critical for Both Florida State and ACC

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Seminoles Win for Themselves and ACC (Fox Sports South)

Florida State saved face Thursday night in the frigid southwestern mountains of Virginia. The Seminoles, ranked No. 10 in the BCS, were on the brink of blowing another double-digit lead to a mediocre team on the road – as they did a month ago at N.C. State – before rallying on their last drive to notch a 28-22 victory…

Should UNC Have Self-Imposed a Bowl Ban in 2011? (Tar Heel Blog)

Now that it appears UNC has the inside track to finish 1st in the Coastal Division but is ineligible for the ACC Championship Game and a bowl bid, a question first raised last year has become important yet again: Should UNC have self-imposed a bowl ban last season? This is the question revisited by 99.9 The Fan’s Adam Gold in a piece for WRAL SportsFan…

Tech’s Chances of Winning Coastal (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Assuming Miami decides to stay out of the pokey, Georgia Tech’s chances for winning the ACC Coastal Division soared from unlikely to slightly less unlikely Thursday night with Florida State’s defeat of Virginia Tech.The Seminoles beat the Hokies 26-22 in Blacksburg, Va., to give Virginia Tech its fourth conference loss. Georgia Tech, with three conference defeats (3-3), now only has Miami to worry about if it can beat both North Carolina and Duke…

Good and Bad Logan on Display for Virginia Tech Versus FSU (Daily Press)

No quarterback had thrown for more than 259 yards against Florida State this season. Logan Thomas threw for 298 Thursday and completed passes of 54, 44 and 35 yards. That was the good Thomas, the second-team All-ACC model from 2011 who helped Virginia Tech reach the conference championship game. But as has transpired often this season, the flip side also emerged, an inaccurate Thomas whose miscues proved costly…

Five Questions With Clemson Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris (Washington Post)

Looking at film of this Maryland defense, what stands out to you, and what’s the big focus for your offense heading into this week? The biggest thing that stands out to me is the fact that their scheme is very sound. It’s obvious that they believe in what they’re doing, they’re playing exceptionally hard. Their defensive front is fast and strong. That’s the biggest thing. This year, they’re the 11th-ranked defense in the country, and it’s how hard those guys play…

Five Thoughts After Virginia Tech’s Loss to Florida State (The Virginian-Pilot)

That was not a finish that many Hokies fans were hoping for last night. If you’d like to revisit it, here’s our coverage from Virginia Tech’s last-minute 28-22 loss to Florida State. Now that it’s had some time to settle in, here are five thoughts about the game, and judging from the tenor of comments in the previous post, they’re less harsh than what a lot of people are thinking…

Maryland’s Shawn Petty Adjust to New Role (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

For the first nine weeks of his college football career, Shawn Petty walked around the Maryland campus as an anonymous freshmen. Nobody ever recognizes a linebacker on the scout team. Funny what happens when you become the starting quarterback. Petty has become instantaneously recognizable, drawing much more attention not only from media, opposing defenses and his teammates but also from students on campus…

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