ACC Football Daily Links — Has the ACC Ruined the Florida State-Miami Rivalry Game?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

FSU, Miami are Victims of ACC Football Malaise (Orlando Sentinel)

As Florida State and Miami get ready to renew the annual rivalry that has lost its revelry on Saturday, I have formulated a theory that contradicts the accepted belief concerning the two programs and the league in which they play.Most everyone will tell you that the reason the Atlantic Coast Conference is a laughingstock among the college football’s big-boy BCS leagues is because FSU and Miami have disappointed the league over the last decade…

ACC Division Realignment Hypothetical: A Boston College Georgia tech Swap? (BC Interruption)

Over the summer, back when Florida State couldn’t wait to get out of the Atlantic Coast Conference, school president Eric Barron suggested a more regional divisional alignment for the conference. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Barron suggested moving Georgia Tech to the Atlantic Division, Florida State’s closest geographic neighbor, would help FSU fans who want to travel to games…

Terps Biggest Need in Second Half of the Season? More Diggs (The Diamondback)

Every time Stefon Diggs touches the football, he makes something happen. It’s been easy to see. He’s only played six games in his Terrapins football career, but he’s already established himself as undoubtedly the team’s top playmaker. The freshman has amassed 483 yards on just 28 offensive touches this season, an average of more than 17 yards per play…

Syracuse Football: Does it Start With Marrone or the Players? (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

“It starts with me. I need to do a better job.” Syracuse Orange football coach Doug Marrone has uttered those two sentences so much in the past two seasons that they have become his mantra. It’s at the point where if you asked Doug how he felt about the American economy, he would mention not his concerns about the exporting of jobs or high taxes but instead say, “It starts with me. I need to do a better job”…

Duke Has Work Cut Out Against North Carolina (Fox Sports Carolinas)

North Carolina and Duke are playing a prime time football game against each other Saturday night. This isn’t exactly the norm for this series. The Tar Heels visit the Blue Devils at night for the first time ever in the series, adding intrigue to a series that rarely resonates outside of Tobacco Road’s deepest inner sectors. And for that, this should be a pretty cool event. The game should be competitive…

Can Maryland Fix Its Offensive Woes By Passing More? (Testudo Times)

Chalk that one up to questions I never thought I’d be asking. At the start of the year, or even just a few weeks ago, suggesting that Maryland needed to pass the ball more would’ve seemed faintly ridiculous. Now it’s so sensible as to be borderline obvious. But that’s one of the nice things about this juncture of the season: you really start to figure out who you are…

First-Semester Splash: Freshmen Hit the Ground Running for ACC Teams (Orange and White)

Talent trumps experience in the Atlantic Coast Conference, where several true freshmen are gaining on-the-job training during their first year out of high school. ACC coaches have opted to throw young players into the fray rather than stick them with a redshirt – and the results have been profound. The phenomenon is especially prevalent at Maryland, where quarterback Perry Hills and wide receiver Stefon Diggs have made significant contributions…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Has the ACC Ruined the Florida State-Miami Rivalry Game?

  1. I don’t really buy the Florida State-Miami dragged down by the ACC argument. For one thing, FSU’s national run continued for a decade after joining the conference. And it’s a little disingenuous to say that Kentucky is the only bad football environment in the SEC–Vandy is no better than Wake Forest either, and NC State is comparable to Ole Miss or Mississippi State. FSU loses in Raleigh but Bama doesn’t in Oxford–that just comes down to coaching. Bobby Bowden’s Seminole teams didn’t drop random ACC games, in the pre-Big East raid years when the conference looked even weaker as a whole than it does now. Tommy Bowden’s Tiger teams did, and that’s why Bobby is a Hall-of-Famer and his son is unemployed. Well-coached teams get up for any environment–look at Boise State over the last 6 years, which plays most of its games in environments much worse than Duke.

    • That sounds like I’m saying NC State is a bad environment–I’m not, I actually think it’s one of the most underrated in college football. My point is that the ACC can fill up stadiums as well.

      • Agreed. Look at Duke last night. Fans showed up in droves (and they were, in fact, mostly Duke fans), and created a raucous atmosphere en route to a big win. You see the same type of support when Syracuse puts a competitive team on the field, and similar from Miami, UNC (and others) as well.

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