ACC Football Daily Links — John Swofford, ACC Prepared Should Notre Dame Join as Full Member

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Notre Dame is Ready, the ACC Will Be, Too (News & Observer)

John Swofford was talking about Notre Dame leaving the Big East when he said, “we’re ready,” but the ACC commissioner might well have been talking about Notre Dame joining the ACC as a full football member. Whenever Notre Dame is ready, and it may take a few years or it may take a decade or more, the ACC will be ready to welcome the Fighting Irish…

Where Does Miami-FSU Rivalry Stand? (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Sports fans in Miami are notoriously fair weather — even more so in the case of the Hurricanes. Miami rarely sells out every home game, but there has always been one certainty: Florida State. If the Noles are coming to town, every seat in the stands will be filled. Two days from kickoff between the two long-time rivals, and that is not even a certainty anymore…

Firing Groh May Not Save Season (ACC Sports Journal)

Georgia Tech’s breakout season has suffered a breakdown, and the fix won’t necessarily keep this year’s model of the Ramblin’ Wreck out of the scrap yard. Defensive coordinator Al Groh is gone, fired during the Yellow Jackets’ bye week. He had it coming – “Groh must go!” had become a fan mantra – and his dismissal prevents debate over his future from dominating the discussion for the rest of the season…

Brian Kelly and the Future: Undefeated Today, But What About Tomorrow? (One Foot Down)

Notre Dame is 6-0 and ranked No. 5 in the country. It feels pretty good doesn’t it? The football season always seems so short every year. It makes me want to hit ‘pause’ on the rest of the season for a full month and go back and really dig into the details and all the moments that brought Notre Dame to one of the top teams in the land. However, the season must march on and the independent BYU Cougars are coming to South Bend this weekend…

NC State at Maryland: Two Programs on the Rise? (Backing the Pack)

ESPN Insider columnist and Football Outsiders guru Brian Fremeau’s efficiency ratings paint N. C. State and Maryland as programs on the rise in 2012. Granted, after a 2-10 season in 2011, the Fighting Edsalls had nowhere to go but up. A win at home Saturday over the Wolfpack and Edsall’s squad moves to 3-0 in league play and legitimizes itself as an ACC championship contender…

Xavier Rhodes’s Time at FSU Marked By Adjustments in Leadership, Position (Orlando Sentinel)

Xavier Rhodes was so annoyed he stood up and spoke. That doesn’t happen often. More of a quiet, keep-to-himself introvert, the Florida State cornerback normally shies away from giving rah-rah speeches or pumping up his teammates with motivational anecdotes. But at the time, this wasn’t believed to be a normal year. Nor were these perceived to be the routine, mediocre days of the recent past…

The Post-Nassib Era Syracuse Quarterback (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

As Ryan Nassib’s time and tenure runs out at Syracuse, we will wish him well, whether it is in the NFL or in a possibly higher paying position in an investment firm in NYC or Philly. He has broken his fair share of school records, and has been the best quarterback we have had since McNabb, hands down. He’s been a journeyman QB that’s both risen to the task and failed miserably at times…

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