ACC Football Daily Links — Wake Forest Addresses Recent Suspensions, Arrests in Email to Season Ticket Holders

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ron Wellman and Jim Grobe Send Out Email to Wake Forest Season Ticket Holders (Blogger So Dear)

If you’re reading this blog post then you most likely have heard about the most recent suspensions in the Wake Forest football program. No less than two weeks after six Wake Forest players were suspended for “violating team rules and policies” (see smoking weed), Devin Bolling and Duran Lowe were suspended indefinitely for a “violation of athletics department policies)…

Undefeated Notre Dame: The Luck (and SEC-Quality Defense) of the Irish (SB Nation)

For the record: to my eyes, Stepfan Taylor’s elbow was pretty clearly down before he reached across the goal line, whistle or no. Just wanted to throw that out there. It may have been a “controversial finish,” but it wasn’t that controversial, and it shouldn’t take away from the fact that Notre Dame is 6-0 for the first time since 2002. In my 2012 Notre Dame preview, I pulled off the greatest hedge of my life.,,

DeAndre Hopkins’s Breakout Year Turning Heads (Orange and White)

This season, DeAndre Hopkins has turned numerous heads on football fields across the ACC. Monday afternoon, a few reporters’ heads turned when Hopkins walked into the WestZone area where Clemson conducts player interviews. Despite emerging as the Tigers’ most valuable player of the first half, the junior wide receiver is notoriously media-shy…

Jobs are a Privilege, and That’s Why BC’s Frank Spaziani Should Be Fired (SB Nation Boston)

Tom Everyman is in charge of his company’s biggest division (and the one that has the potential to bring in the most revenue). It’s a pretty sweet gig. He landed the job four years ago after his boss was caught looking at greener pastures. Now, Tom is a nice guy. He is a very friendly person. Always nice to talk to. Unfortunately for Tom, he’s just not very good at his job…

Clemson Wins the South’s Best Tailgate (Southern Living)

You voted and the results are in: Clemson University is the winner of our first annual The South’s Best Tailgate competition! From August 15 to October 1, more than 510,000 votes were cast with Alabama clinching 3rd place and Ole Miss taking 2nd place. But there can only be one winner, and in 2012 the ultimate bragging rights belong to Clemson…

Syracuse vs. UConn: The Difference Between Acceptance and Understanding (Troy Nunes is An Absolute Magician)

I’m eschewing my usual “How Syracuse Will Beat…” column this week. I had to, as there’s no chance I could write about Syracuse v. Connecticut without exploring, in detail, the whole Paul Pasqualoni issue. It’s just too emotional of a topic for me. Actually, it’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly eight full years since the man everyone referred to, and still does, as Coach P was associated with anything SU football…

Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher Bothered By Complaints About Holding Penalties (Orlando Sentinel)

The limit has been reached on the number of times Jimbo Fisher wants to hear anybody — fans, bloggers, reporters … the mothers of kids on his son’s football team — complain about Holding penalties. He has done all he can do about them, and he has pleaded his case to the ACC about as often as a coach can. Now, he says, is the time to move on and accept the harsh reality: missed calls are part of the game…

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