ACC Football Goat of the Week: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Defense

The Georgia Tech Defense is the ACC Goat of the Week for Week 5

No one enjoys piling on when things go wrong. But nonetheless, we’ve got to call out the ACC players who were counter-productive in helping their teams grab a victory this weekend. On the bright side for them, they can always get off this list next week. And for their sake, let’s hope they do.

ACC Goat of the Week, Week 5: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Defense

Following a strong start to the year against Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech’s defense has devolved into something so putrid and ineffective that D-coordinator Al Groh may end up being subjected to the rare (for college football) mid-season dismissal. Things looked bad when the Wreck allowed 42 to Miami. But 49 points against Middle Tennessee State? As any Georgia Tech fan will tell you, losing a game in that fashion — especially to a Sun Belt team — is downright unacceptable. As a group, the Yellow Jackets looked out-of-sorts defending both the run and pass, and struggled on third down, allowing the Blue Raiders to convert on seven of 11 tries. In total, they let MTSU score 49 points and rack up 510 yards in just 26 minutes of possession. I’m unsure what’s ailing this unit of late, but whatever it is, they’ll need to get it sorted out quickly, or else.

Honorable Mention:

Logan Thomas, QB/Virginia Tech (17/30 passing, 242 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT)

Michael Rocco, QB/Virginia (14/23 passing, 278 yards, 2 TD/3 INT)

Tanner Price, QB/Wake Forest (19/38 passing, 230 yards, 2 TD/3 turnovers)

Mike Glennon, QB/NC State (24/42 passing, 440 yards, 4 TD/4 turnovers)

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Goat of the Week: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Defense

  1. In defense of Tanner Price (because that’s what Wake apologists such as myself do): One of his turnovers was an interception on a Hail Mary pass at the end of the 1st half, another was on an interception that hit the receiver in the hands and deflected up in the air, and the third was a fumble on a hit from behind on a sack. He probably held the ball a little too long on the sack, but I believe he was still in the pocket, not running around being haphazard with the ball. I guess I can take solace that he didn’t win the award.

    • I’m actually a Price fan, so definitely not one to hate too badly. That said, I’ve noticed his decision-making’s a bit off this year and I think the unnecessary risks have led to more mistakes. He’s still one of the ACC’s best passers, but unsure he’s living up to his potential right now.

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